Publish Your Own HR Book While Keeping Your Day Job in Human Resources — Expert Interview with Alisa Charles

By Alan Collins

Many HR folks would love to write their own book but their full-time HR day job (or their job search) gets in the way.

In fact, one of the most frequent questions I receive is: “How can I write and hold down my full-time a day job at the same time?”  There’s a myth and common belief that you can only do one or the other.

Well, Alisa Charles has proved that it’s absolutely NOT true!

I recently caught up with Alisa and asked her squeeze some time into her busy schedule to share some highlights about herself, her career in HR and her book publishing journey as part of our new Success in HR Expert Interview Series.

Here are her insights…  

I’m currently Division Director of Human Resources for Vibra Healthcare where I oversee human resources for a division of hospitals in five states:  Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota and Ohio.  Prior to that, I worked for Brookdale Senior Living and at Classic Residence by Hyatt – all in a variety of divisional, regional and corporate HR roles.

I am married to Gregoire Charles and have 3 kids, Marcas, Ashley and Xavier.  In my spare time, I enjoy writing, traveling with my family and cheering my kids on with their various music and sports activities.  I am also very, very close to becoming a first-time pet owner which will be another great adventure to experience.

Entirely by accident, I stumbled into Human Resources. In my freshman year in college, I applied for an on-campus job that I thought was just a regular office position.  But it was for an office job for the actual student employment office. I accepted the position anyway and it turned out to be a life-changing opportunity. I received exposure to payroll, employment, recruitment and so much more.

My entire 4 years of college was spent working in the student employment office and I even had the opportunity to conduct hundreds of interviews of students for on and off-campus positions during this time.  While there, I received several promotions including managing the student temporary pool for the university where I managed 4 other student employees. This opportunity gave me great HR experience and positioned me well for opportunities in HR after graduation.

I recently published my first book.  It’s titled: New Employee Orientation Guide: 90 New Employee Orientation Ideas for Human Resources Professionals and it’s currently available on Amazon HERE.  My vision was to create a resource that was general enough that any HR professional could read it, expand on the ideas listed in it so that it could fit into their own new employee orientation situation.

For years, I’ve had a burning desire to write a book but never felt I had the time to get it done. With family, work and life all happening at the same time. I just felt too busy. Then out of the blue one day while online I came across HR Goldmine: How to Turn Your Human Resources Know-How Into A Lucrative Second Income & Make A Difference in People’s Lives…Without Leaving Your Day Job. The title alone spoke directly to me and I knew that time was now. In fact, the title alone spoke to me so loudly, I just purchased it without even thinking twice about it which is very rare for me.   As I read through it, I found it to be extremely informative, very motivational and amazed with all of the detailed, step-by-step directions. After reading it I felt like I no longer had any excuses. I just really believed I could do it.

I wanted to write about something that could help other HR professionals.  I believed that new employee orientation was a topic that generally every HR person has had to handle on some level. I also remembered how I felt early in my career when I had to handle a few orientations on my own. I felt like I didn’t have a lot of resources to work with. I remember doing some research on my own and implemented and few ideas, and it came out great. So I wanted a book that had solid ideas that an HR person could simply pick and choose the ones that fit into their particular new employee orientation program.

The biggest obstacle in writing my book was finishing it. I was off to a very strong start. I could see it all coming together but at the same time there are a lot of moving parts to actually finishing the book and getting it out there. There were times I was just too tired to write; or times I would try and convince myself to finish it later. But sometimes later never comes.

It was also especially challenging to manage my writing with an HR day job and work schedule that involved many hours each week and lots of travel. But my desire was strong to finish that book!  I went at my own pace with a few hours in the evenings and weekends as time permitted. I also gave myself deadlines along the way to keep the project moving along; but flexible enough to adjust my deadlines as needed.

What kept me going was anticipating how good it was going to feel once it was completed. Those thoughts gave me the extra motivation I needed to go ahead and finish it and I am so glad that I did.

There have been several benefits to writing my book. For starters, it has offered me greater exposure as an HR professional.  It helped me land a few speaking engagements.  And it has helped me make greater connections. It has also helped me to inspire a few others to write their books. But most importantly, I feel that it has helped me to share my HR experience in a way that can help others make their jobs a little easier and that has been the most rewarding.

I’ve also started Style Your Career which is for women looking to accelerate their career, pursue personal aspirations and achieve work-life balance for more purpose, results, and recognition. I’ve put a hold on that for now as I want to focus on resources for HR folks.

My advice to other HR professionals who would like to write and publish their own book is to absolutely get started now!  If there is a book idea that you are thinking about writing, it will probably continue to stick with you until you write it. So why not start right away?

There is a purpose behind that desire many of us have to write a book. If you have that desire, then there is probably somebody out there waiting to be helped in some way by what you have inside of you to write…in the way that only you can write it.

The feeling of seeing your book come together will offer you an amazing sense of accomplishment and excitement at the same time.  Writing your own HR book is something you can do as an HR professional on your own terms. You make all the decisions and it truly represents you and your own HR expertise. It’s a way to break out of the day-to-day and accomplish something lasting in HR on a much deeper level.

My next book is on a topic that I am very passionate about and it will be titled: Successful Mentoring in HR: 9 Steps For Quickly Turning Your Human Resources Expertise Into Your Own Unique Process for Mentoring Others in HR.  I am still putting the finishing touches on it and looking to release it very soon.   I felt compelled to start my second book after reading the Alan Collins’ recently released guide: Write Your Own HR Book Fast.  Again, I felt like I had no excuse because like before because all the steps, tools and resources you to need to get your book done are already outlined in Alan’s guide.  For me, in just a week, my second new book has evolved from just an idea in my head…and is now coming to life.

Thank you for allowing me to share my HR career and my book journey.  The best is yet to come!  You can reach me by email at: and you can join my LinkedIn network here.

Alisa is a wife, mom, full-time HR director, author and a thought leader in HR.  That spells HR superstar in my book.  Feel free to share your comments on this article below by clicking HERE.


More about Alisa Charles’ book: 
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  1. SJ Says:

    Inspirational! Well done!

  2. Sanjeevi Raj Says:

    Excellent One. Thanks for sharing your experience and motivating us to write our own experience.

    With best regards

    Sanjeevi Raj

  3. samuel Isaiah Says:

    Another inspiration from Alisa coupled with that of Alan. Alan’s inspirational write-ups have motivated me to commence the writing of my own HR book some few weeks ago. Alisa’s publication here has again given me the impetus not to be discouraged.

    Thanks Alisa and Alan for your encouraging words.

  4. Yoon Siew Fei Says:

    Very inspiring, well done and thanks for the generousity sharing Alisa!