Your HR Resume — 10 Quick Tips For Making It Stand Out From Your Competition

by Alan Collins

Want to get a quick jump start on landing your next HR position in 2024?

Here’s how…

Start NOW getting your HR resume
updated, polished up and ready to go.

  *   *   *

Here’s why.

Most people take November and December off.

They think: “Hey, it’s the holidays. I’ve got parties, family gatherings, turkey to consume and lots of shopping to do.”

“I don’t need to deal with my HR resume right now… and besides, hiring won’t happen until January anyway.”

Don’t fall into this trap.

*   *   *

You and tons of HR folks soon will be a part of the JANUARY RUSH in the job market.

ACT NOW and you’ll be ahead of everyone who will wait until the beginning of the year, after they shrug off their holiday hangover. If you do it now, you can jump in front of them. .

The early bird gets the worm.

Act right away and I know you will thank me later.

What’s your first step?

Start by downloading the HR
resume cheat sheet
and follow the 10 steps.


Here’s how YOU can use it:

(1) When applying for different HR positions, use it to “customize” your HR resume.

(2) Keep it handy on your all devices (phone, laptop, tablet) for future reference.

(3) Forward it to a colleague you know who is having difficulty with their boss.

(4) Use it any way you want!

Enjoy and I wish your much success!

  *   *   *

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About the Author: Alan Collins is Founder of Success in HR, Inc. and the author of a variety of best selling HR books including HR RESUME SECRETS.  He was formerly Vice President – Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.