HR Pep Talk #1: “You Are Valuable To Your Organization!”

by Alan Collins

Down in dumps?

Not feeling the love?

Being totally disrespected as an HR pro?


All of us need a motivational shot in the arm every now and then.

To that end, here’s a short pep talk for you.

Read this periodically — especially during those frustrating times when you find yourself questioning your worth or the value of HR entirely.


Here you go.

*   *   *

Your role in your organization is essential.

What is that role exactly?

It’s simple. As an HR pro…

You help your organization

Read that sentence again.

These 9 words are why you were hired.

They are why YOU get paid.

They are how YOU make a difference.

They represent your UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION to the employer you’ve chosen to serve.

They are also why you’re so VALUABLE.

*   *   *

It doesn’t matter where you work in HR.

You can be a CHRO setting the people strategy in a Fortune 500 company.

Or a brand new human resources manager.

Or an expert in compensation or labor relations.

Or an HR business partner operating solo in a small company with a hundred employees.

…those 9 magic words are ultimately
why your role was created.

Those 9 words also define HR’s larger purpose and represent the simplest definition of HR you’ll ever come across.

Remember them if you ever question your real contribution to your organization or have doubts about if you really matter.

No business can exist; no business can remain profitable; and no business can deliver products and services to their customer…if it doesn’t have and keep the right PEOPLE

And that’s precisely what makes you so valuable.

*   *   *

But let’s get even more specific.

#1:  You are valuable because others in your business can’t do what you do.

Dealing with people and their issues isn’t easy. That’s why leaders and employees lean on you.

HR requires skill in handling clashing personalities, complex dilemmas and messy situations — involving folks who bring their own unique troubles and biases to the workplace each day.

And you’re their number one, go-to resource for guiding them through such situations. 

#2: You are valuable because seldom is there a playbook for the tough people issues that hit your desk.

Sure, there are HR policies and guidelines for handling the most common and straightforward situations.

However, often what escalates to you are the people dilemmas with solutions that are far from black or white. These kinds of issues require nuance and judgment calls and never seem to provide all the information you need.

Nevertheless, your decisions or recommendations are important as they will affect lives of real people and the stress of getting it wrong is real.

#3: Finally, you are valuable because you help your organization build winning cultures and teams.

Business is a game and as with all games, the team that puts the best people on the field and gets them playing together well wins. It’s that simple.

And you, as an HR pro, are intimately involved in making sure that the best team is fielded, the talents of the best players maximized so your organization can consistently win the Super Bowl in your industry.

*   *   *

So today, repeat after me, be inspired!

You have immense value to your employer!

You help your organization deliver better results through people.

You do what many others can’t and your unique contributions help your business win.

Finally, you address those sticky, tough, complex situations that can have a powerful impact on your organization’s success.

You have lots to feel good about.

So lift your head up.

Get your mojo in gear.

Stick your chest out with confidence.

And march onward.

You are a VALUABLE commodity! 

Just sayin’.


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About the author: Alan Collins is Founder of Success in HR, Inc. and the author of a variety of best selling books for HR professionals including WINNING BIG IN HR and THE NEW HR LEADER’S FIRST 100 DAYS. He was formerly Vice President – Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.

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  1. Joy Kouns Lewis, PHD Says:

    I love this picture. I sent it to my CEO. I hope she gets the message.

    Thank you Alan, you are inspiring