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Want candid, no BS, un-sugarcoated advice
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Is your HR career stuck in a rut?

  • Are you frustrated with the progress you’ve made so far in your career?

  • Have you been passed over for promotions and plumb assignments you absolutely know you should have received?

  • Are you failing to get the appreciation, recognition and rewards you know you deserve?

  • Have you concluded that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you work, things just aren’t working out?

  • Would you like to know the secrets to attaining the success in HR you’ve always dreamed of?

Then, it’s time for you to get un-stuck!  And discover the strategies the best HR pros on the planet use to advance their careers. 

In this ground-breaking book, Unwritten HR Rules, Alan Collins, former Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo and Founder of Success in HR, reveals secrets for taking your HR career to the next level and attaining the success in HR you’ve always desired and dreamed of.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned HR generalist, an HR specialist, HR leader or just launching your career right out of school, you’ll find this book useful.  

Unwritten HR Rules has been developed to provide you with one thing and one thing only: practical, actionable career advancement wisdom you can use right now.

It doesn’t strive to be “politically correct,” sugarcoat any messages or conceal the realities of what it takes to move your career forward in HR.  It can and does tell you like it is.   

To advance your career in HR
you need candid, no BS,
un-sugarcoated career advice.

And in Unwritten HR Rules, that’s
exactly what you’ll get.

You might be lucky to have a boss or mentor that can provide this too.  But that’s rare.  

And frankly, you can’t totally rely on ANY boss to be truly objective about your career…especially if you’re great at what you do and you’re thinking about leaving them for greener pastures.  Deep down, No boss wants to lose you if you’re a top talent.  

Furthermore, you can’t totally depend on headhunters either.  They get paid by convincing you to jump ship…even if you should really stay put.  So they may not totally have your best interests at heart either. 

So where can you turn to for truly impartial HR-related career success advice and wisdom?

The answer: Unwritten HR Rules!   

Grab this book and you’ll discover:

  • The real secret to impressing your business leaders as an HR professional and winning a seat at the table where the big boys and girls sit.  

  • The awful, unpleasant truth about advancing your career in HR.  Find out the painful “secret” that was revealed after getting passed over three times in two years for HR promotions.  

  • 15 sneaky, but brilliant little ways to get the edge on your HR competitors using the world’s most powerful and free career management tool

  • How to make more money faster in HR.  Stop settling for measly little 2-3% merit increases when you could be earning a heck of lot more.

  • How a marketing hire moved into HR, adopted the “Tiger Woods career approach” and  wound up becoming a vice president in the HR function with global accountabilities.  (Note:  this relates entirely to Tiger’s approach to his golf career,  not at all to his admitted “indiscretions”).

  • Why you should stop chasing HR jobs, recognition and promotions…and use the P.O.W.E.R. formula instead…so that the best HR opportunities come to you all served up on a silver platter. 

  • Everyone in HR makes mistakes.  But here’s what you should do when you screw up and still come out ahead.

  • The truth about how 70% of all HR jobs are really filled…no matter what you’ve been told by your boss, headhunters or your HR colleagues.

  • Why you should embrace and use the F-word regularly…no matter who you might offend in the process. 

  • Why you should never, ever reject a chance to represent your company at outside events and three items you should bring back to work to help advance your career.  

  • The simple 5-minute career investment you should make each week if you want to avoid sabotaging your career in HR. 

  • Insider strategies from a recognized expert for building and expanding your professional network that applies just to HR professionals.

  • Building your G.R.A.N.D. circle of relationships…including two people you must always keep on speed dial.  This is your insurance policy in case you find yourself suddenly downsized and forced to look for a job.  Note: This has never, ever been outlined before in one place in print for HR professionals. 

  • Steps you should be taking right now to set the stage for acing your next performance review. 

  • How aspiring HR executives leverage everyday meetings to keep their HR career moving forward.  

  • And much, much more!

Truck load of practical “how to” advice
“If you want a fast read with straight up advice on how to be a high performing HR professional, then this book is a must on your book shelf. Alan offers a truck load of practical “how to” advice and examples to illustrate his points. This book is for the HR professional at any level. That said, if you are not in Human Resources, Unwritten HR Rules will speak to you as well.”
Mike Cohen, former Vice-President, HR Development
Quaker Oats Company

Couldn’t put this book down, neither will you
“Where was this book when I began my career in HR? Alan does an incredible job of navigating readers thoughtfully through a variety of topics that might just be taboo for the reader to discuss with their superiors or colleagues. Easy to read, delightfully intriguing. This book is not just for newbie’s in HR, mid career HR Professionals would benefit by reading its contents as a reminder of how HR really works. I could not put this book down, neither will you. Well done.”
Mark A. Griffin, Vice President Human Resources
Valco Companies

I plan to buy a copy for all my team members
“A refreshingly candid and clear read with a wealth of practical advice for Human Resource professionals at all levels. Alan’s personal stories and life lessons woven through the pages of this book inspire and challenge you to take a hard look at your own career advancement in this field. With humor, heart and a no-nonsense style, this is a book that gets you unstuck and back on track with your career. It’s a must read; as a senior leader in HR, I plan to buy a copy for all of my team members.”
Mary Ellen Schopp, SVP Human Resources,
Rush Memorial Hospital

Wish I had this book 10 years ago,
but thrilled to have it now

“I wish I had this book 10 years ago but I am definitely thrilled to have it now. Alan has written a gem for the HR professional at all levels. This is a straight forward, easy to read, guide to finding success in your HR career. Most HR professionals are experts at practicing their craft, but that is not enough to truly propel their career.  New to the practice of HR or a seasoned HR veteran “Unwritten HR Rules” in a very practical way spells out the “it” that HR professionals need to learn to move to the next level.”
Bryan Hunt, Director – Talent Management
Boeing Corporation

Well stated guidelines for your HR career
“Well stated guidelines for your HR career. This quick and effective read uses business experiences, stories, examples, wisdom, common sense and passion to convey the key ideas. It will help you to assess your commitment to the HR profession, evaluate your passion for the work and help guide you in the challenges required to attain your vision of success in HR.”
Pamela Hewitt, former SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer at Clorox Corporation & Quaker Oats

Practical, impactful book for Human Resources professionals
“Having known Alan for years, I’m not surprised that he has written such a practical and impactful book for Human Resources professionals. Unbeknownst to him, he was my first professional role model. The book provides helpful secrets for anyone who wants to mentor other Human Resources professionals. Chapter 22 is an extra bonus and especially inspirational for those of us trying to figuring out what we want our professional and personal legacy to be.”
Michael Oliver, VP & CHRO at Pactiv Corporation

Inspiring. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
You may not think of a qualification like “page-turner” when you refer to a Human Resources book, but this is precisely what Alan Collins’ Unwritten HR Rules is! Whether you are a novice or an already established professional in the field, you will benefit from it tremendously, both short- and long-term. The book is not a “quickly advance your career” kind of guide, but rather a meaty, thoughtful approach to how one should view his or her HR career and never lose sight of the big picture: bring true meaning to this profession, be a valuable contributor to the bottom line, reach out for educated advice, nurture your networking relationships, recognize your mistakes and learn from them. Unwritten HR Rules is well-written, offers practical advice, and simply inspires one to achieve the best that one can reach in his or her HR or general business career. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
Andreea Boier-Jennings, Director – Human Resources Mainstream Advertising, Inc.

Collins hits a home run!
I just picked up this book and HIGHLY recommend it. Mr. Collins gives us plenty of straight talk that HR professionals often forget to give as mentors. “Unwritten HR Rules” gives it to you in straight English with no BS which is refreshing in this politically correct world we as HR people have created for ourselves. If you are just starting out in HR and wondering how to get to the next level, GET THIS BOOK! It will serve as a guide for you. If you are the SVP of HR at your company GET THIS BOOK! It will make you a better mentor.
Athan Katsilometes, Human Resources Manager, CEMEX

Shocking but true
“This book has all of the advice that is very difficult to share with direct reports or peers in HR without being politically incorrect.   Shocking yet true in many aspects. Great read for those unfamiliar with “what it takes” as far as commitment, politics, and self-motivation needed to reach the top in HR. In reading this, HR career highs and lows were captured in a open and honest format. This is a great read for those that want to build on their development and avoid the routine mistakes or missed opportunities others have had to learn through experience. Best advice from this book is knowing when and how to leverage your results and relationships.”
David Copeland, Senior Regional HR Manager
Waste Management, Inc. 



About the author:
ALAN COLLINS is founder of Success in HR and author of eleven books for HR professionals, including the best-seller, The New HR Leader’s First 100 Days and HR Interview Secrets.  He has worked with and coached hundreds of HR leaders at all levels in his 25 years in corporate HR. 

He was formerly Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses. Today, he specializes in helping HR professionals take their careers to the next level. He earned his BS and MS degrees in Human Resources from Purdue.   You can view his LinkedIn profile here.

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