Attention: Human Resources professionals and leaders!

Are you in a toxic work environment?

Do you want to more quickly overcome the stress,
frustration, and those inevitable bad days
you encounter in HR?

Do you want to gain more meaning, happiness
and fulfillment
 from your work in HR?

Discover the solutions here.


Dear HR Professional,   

Do you want to regain your passion and love of HR, when others don’t see your value?

Do you want to more quickly overcome those frustrations, the stress, and those inevitable bad days you have as an HR professional?

Do you want better ways to cope with a toxic work environment that is affecting your health, your mental attitude or your emotional well-being?

Do you want to adopt proven steps you can take to stay consistently motivated, inspired and encouraged?

Are you looking to derive more happiness, fulfillment and meaning from your work in HR?

Do you want to deal with those demanding clients, managers, clients, and colleagues even more effectively?

Then this is the book you’ll want to own.

Stay Inspired in HR
is packed with an amazing collection
of inspirational advice, pep talks, years of
, quick reminders and CONCRETE,

when you need to fire yourself up,
boost your self-confidence,
stay motivated, re-focus, and

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new in your role, an HR manager, a talent acquisition expert, or a Director, VP, or CHRO — this book will help you overcome your on-the-job obstacles and stay on top of your HR game.

You’re not alone.

Everyone in HR struggles, at times, to stay positive when dealing with complex, tough organizational and people issues all day long.

In fact, according to SHRM, 83% of HR professionals experience some form of anger, dissatisfaction, stress or anxiety during the day. And a recent Gallup survey concluded that HR pros are among the most stressed-out professionals in the world.

So, it’s not surprising you sometimes feel mentally and emotionally drained and demotivated.

But let’s also face another reality.  It’s up to YOU to deal with all this.


Because this is YOUR career. You own it.
And it’s up to you to manage it.

But now you don’t have to deal
with your frustrations, challenges
and struggles in HR by yourself!

Utilize this book as your portable coach and companion to help you move forward, stay fired up, and operate at your best.  

Pull this book out when you encounter tough times and need to LIGHT THE FIRE WITHIN YOU to positively transform your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to Human Resources or an experienced HR professional and leader — this book can help you: 

Discover overlooked sources of inspiration within your current job, which can help you conquer those challenges and inevitable bad days you have as an HR professional.  

Give yourself that powerful shot in the arm — when you need it — that can help you more effectively deal with failures, rejections, disappointments, or setbacks.

Generate that extra spark of enthusiasm when you need it to stay motivated, inspired, and encouraged.

Retain your passion and boost your self-confidence and conviction in HR.

Get yourself back on the right track when you need a pep talk, the right piece of advice or just a “kick in the butt” reminder — when you need it.

Win over your most demanding clients, managers, clients, and colleagues.

Yes, this book can provide all of this and more.

Use this as a confidence booster to give you a mental competitive advantage in the following situations:

Before your next HR job interview.
Before your next presentation.
Before your next performance review.
As you consider a risky career move.
During your first 100 days in a new HR role.
Before your next tough meeting with your boss.
As you deal with tough, complex office politics.
As you prepare your HR resume for the job market.
As you craft your HR brand and capitalize on it.
As you wake up each morning and start your day.

Consider this a one-of-a-kind, underground playbook developed just for HR professionals — containing familiar reminders as well as tons of new insights — to keep you on top of your game.   

You’ll find stories of HR pros just like you, the job and career obstacles they’ve faced, and how they’ve overcome them.

And for even more inspiration, I’ve brought in advice from world-class achievers such as Oprah, LeBron James, Jack Welch, Beyonce, Richard Branson, Taylor Swift, and many others to guide you.

I’ve written about just a few of these on LinkedIn, my blog and elsewhere. However, I’ve expanded on all of them, captured them here in one place and added many exciting brand new stories and insights here for the first time.

That said, here are even more specifics
of what you’ll find inside these pages: 

  • Positive, inspirational, and proven tactics for dealing with your harshest haters, critics, trolls and others in your workplace that make your HR life difficult. 
  • What to do when you face painful failures, rejections, and disappointments – if you want to convert them into potentially massive successes. 
  • Shortcuts and proven tips for winning over your toughest and most demanding clients and business leaders – and transform them into raving fans. 
  • How to regain your passion and get the respect you deserve — when you are frustrated, overworked, and questioning your value as an HR pro.
  • How to take charge, stay encouraged and earn what you’re worth in HR – if not in your current organization, then elsewhere. 
  • How to de-stress using 8 types of human energy boosters – including specific examples of how they work and how to use them to elevate your motivation.
  • A never-before revealed list of 30 opportunities hidden in plain sight in your current HR role that can propel you forward and prepare you for your next promotion. 
  • How to confidently seize big opportunities that can change the direction of your HR career forever — even if you aren’t 100% ready for them.
  • The secret weapon that the world’s best athletes and entertainers use to motivate themselves and how to incorporate it into your HR toolkit — including eight (8) HR examples. 
  • What to do when you’ve outgrown your current role. Hint: There are 14 potential actions you can choose for growing, revitalizing & accelerating your HR career. Pick one and use it for the next step in your career journey.
  • Don’t get discouraged because you lack experience. Follow these 10 steps for becoming an expert in just about anything you want in HR quickly.
  • 4 different ways to overcome the inevitable mistakes and screw-ups just about everyone makes as an HR pro.
  • Your HR expertise is valuable. But you don’t always need to have all the answers – discover something you may already have immensely more valuable.
  • What to do if you aren’t getting the respect you deserve.
  • Templates, examples and tools developed just for HR professionals to keep you inspired and motivated.  
  • And there’s much, much more!

If this book isn’t inspirational,

I don’t know what is
“Whenever you need a pep talk, a kick in the butt, a motivational boost, a refresh, or a renewal, then Stay Inspired in HR can provide you with the perfect vehicle. If this book isn’t inspirational, I don’t know what is.”
Allison Bird-Henley, SPHR
Sr. Human Resources Manager


Want more energy and purpose
“A quick read for anyone in HR who wants to live with more energy and purpose. Too bad I didn’t have this sooner, I would have handled the bad times I’ve faced in my career better. Alan Collins pulls no punches and reveals successes, failures and setbacks from his own HR career, making this book and its lessons very relatable to anyone.” 
Gemma Nair,
Director – Talent Management
and Acquisition, Albertsons


HR work got you down?
Alan Collins does it again! Thanks for this book of great encouragement. Now more that ever HR folks need to be inspired! If you are having a difficult time staying encouraged in your HR career, get this book today. Insightful, motivating and inspiring Alan reminds you of the self care work you need to stay focused on while we are entering this whole new world of work. Times have changed in HR over the years, but Alan is always relevant in the delivery of great concepts and ideas. Keep up the great work Alan, the HR profession is profoundly blessed by you Sir.
Mark Griffin, MBA
Human Resources & Organization Consultant
Former VP Human Resources, Valco Industries

Don’t shrink yourself to fit into HR positions
you’ve already outgrown!

Don’t shrink yourself to fit into HR positions you’ve already outgrown. This book is a must read.  It provides numerous tips, quotes and short stories. Plus it you tools that can help you navigate your career journey with confidence. It’s totally aspirational, upbeat and encouraging.”
Mike Cohen,
Former Vice-President HRD
Quaker Oats Company


Motivational and inspirational reminders
“If you are looking to add positive new energy to your HR career, then I highly recommend this book. It delivers motivating and inspirational reminders about the impact HR professionals have on the employees, leaders, and organizations they support. It was nice to read a book that celebrates the contributions HR people make. A wonderful read and I would encourage others in HR to read this motivational guide as they move forward in HR this year and beyond.”
Alisa Charles, MSHR, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Senior HR Leader & Executive Coach
Author of “Successful Mentoring in HR” 


Have this book on your desk.
And then buy copies for your colleagues.

“I love the fact that the book states from the very beginning, that there is no need to read it all in one sitting. It is more important to read this book slowly to absorb the important lessons it imparts. Having said that, it’s a page turner and I couldn’t stop reading it. Anyone who is an achiever in HR should have this book on their desk. And then buy copies for their colleagues. Thank you for a phenomenal book that inspired me.”
Bill Brosio
Labor & Employee Relations Manager
Boeing Corporation


Uplifting read, provocative stories
“To motivate others, you first need to be motivated, and this book is uplifting. Frankly, a lot of it, I already knew. But this book gave me reminders and provocative stories that I won’t easily forget. Given the intense personal pressures facing so many HR/TA managers in companies today, I highly recommend this book.”
Sherilyn Reyes
Former VP, Talent Acquisition
& HR Operations, Paramount


Pick it up when you feel demotivated, low or lost
“I highly recommend this book. Pick it up throughout the day, after a tough meeting, or anytime you feel demotivated, low or lost. Your career in HR has many struggles, easy and tough situations. I liked the simple language and actionable steps given at the end of each chapter. Alan has made an effort to inspire and motivate everyone to become their best selves, not to be afraid of failures and to constantly keep striving to be successful.
Jon Welsh, MHRM, GPHR
Human Resource People Lead
Phoenix Holdings Group


NOTE: You will find the link to download these bonuses
inside the “Stay Inspired in HR” book on page 53.

Here’s a description of each bonus included:


FREE Bonus #1:

IMPRESS YOUR BOSS, CLIENTS & DIRECT REPORTS IN HUMAN RESOURCES: 70+ Strategies & Shortcuts For Turning Them Into Your Best Advocates
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This is a no-frills, direct, to-the-point 18-page e-book (in PDF form).

But don’t let the number of pages fool you.  It’s packed with over 70 proven insider ideas for building your own network of advocates in your current organization.

It you’ll discover:  20 instantly actionable ways to impress your manager…10 proven approaches for impressing your clients…10 tiny adjustments in your approach to become the HR leader your direct reports will love working for…and over 50+ shortcuts for giving influential, powerful presentations that will impress anyone in your organization.

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FREE Bonus #2:

7 Ways Separate Yourself From The Rest of The HR Pack & Move Up In Your Current Organization!
(Value: $12.50)

This is a quick-read, no fluff 20-page e-book (in PDF form).  And it’s geared for anyone in HR who wants to better position themselves for promotion in their current organization.

Stop struggling and trying to figure out how to move up.

Stop lying awake at night playing “what if” games.  This informative and inspiring report will arm you with seven proven strategies for moving up in your organization into the types of well-paying HR roles you want and deserve.

*   *   *

I would encourage you to purchase
Stay Inspired in HR containing
these two bonuses now.

Here’s why.

I plan to release these separate e-books officially in a few months. When this happens, I’ll remove the link from this book and they it will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE at NO CHARGE.

But, right now, both are yours as FREE SPECIAL BONUSES that you’ll be able to download at the link on page 53 of the Stay Inspired in HR book.

So act now and order your copy today!


About the author:
ALAN COLLINS is founder of Success in HR and author of eleven books for HR professionals, including the best-sellers, The New HR Leader’s First 100 Days and Unwritten HR Rules.  He has worked with and coached hundreds of HR leaders at all levels in his 25 years in corporate HR. 

He was formerly Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses. Today, he specializes in helping HR professionals take their careers to the next level. He earned his BS and MS degrees in Human Resources from Purdue.   You can view his LinkedIn profile here.

You will find the link to download these
FREE bonuses
inside the “Stay Inspired in HR”
book on page 53.

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