6 Subtle Warning Signs That It’s Time to Leave Your Current HR Job… 

By Alan Collins 

Here’s a quick story a headhunter I know likes to tell about a fictitious fisherman.

As the story goes, this fishing dude had just bought an brand new shiny anchor for his boat.

And as he went forward to tie it to the side of his boat, he slipped and fell overboard.

Suddenly, he’s sitting on the bottom of the river in fifteen feet of water, cradling his new anchor.

He paid a lot for it, didn’t want to let go…but he was running out of breath.

So, realizing his choice was either to drown or lose the anchor, he reluctantly let it go and swims to the surface.

And he lives to fish again.

Not one to waste a good story, the fisherman then shares his near-death experience with his colleagues the next day at work.

Everyone has a good laugh at his expense.

But then he shares something else that stops them dead in their tracks.

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Retaining Your Best People: An Awesome One-Page Guide For New HR Leaders

by Alan Collins

Trying to hang on to your best people?

Well, welcome to the party.

Retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges we face as HR pros — and it’s not getting easier.

It’s well known that keeping the top performing 10% of your employees is crucial to the success of any organization.   Whether they are:

However, what many organizations are NOT aware of is that…

Losing your best and brightest has 5-10 times more impact on team, department or business results than losing their average performing peers!

That’s a fact!

And all this presents an great career opportunity for YOU, as an HR leader.

It’s an opportunity to…

Step up to the plate and OWN the “talent retention” agenda in your organization…and collaborate with your client managers on strategies to retain their key people.   

This is a critical role. In fact, most of the best HR leaders already do this and do it well.

But there may be an opportunity to dial this up and put more attention on this issue within your organization or with certain groups you work with.  If so, this is a terrific way to lead and enhance your own HR impact, reputation and promotability.

To help, I’ve put together an awesome, quick and dirty one-page guide that outlines a few things for you to consider in taking this on.

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Why Networking in HR Doesn’t Work Anymore (And What You Should Do Instead)…

By Alan Collins

Let me make a confession.

Networking is a pain.

And if you’re like me, you’re probably horrible at it.

So, I don’t do it anymore.

But that doesn’t stop me from reaching out to meet new people who can help me advance my career and interests in HR.

Hey, wait a second, you might say….isn’t that networking?

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“The New HR Leader’s First 100 Days” Ranks #9 on The 100 Best Human Resources Books of All Time!

by Alan Collins

I’m thrilled to announce that my book, “The New HR Leader’s First 100 Days” has been ranked #9 on Book Authority’s list of The Best 100 Human Resources Books of All Time.

BookAuthority, as featured on CNN, Forbes and Inc Magazine, identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings and sentiment.

It is truly a great honor to get this kind of recognition.

Thank you to everyone that has helped make this book a success!

You can view Book Authority’s entire HR Best 100 list here.  Check them out!  There are 99 more pretty awesome HR books you’ll want to add to your library.

You can view more details about the “The New HR Leader’s First 100 Days” here.

Thank you again!


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HR Side Hustling: The Popular Career Model Just About Everyone Will Talk To You About…Except Your Boss!

by Alan Collins

There’s a hot career model that’s operating under the radar.

It’s not new, but it’s become increasing more popular among HR folks.

However, you won’t read about in Workforce magazine, HR Executive or find it as a topic at any SHRM meeting.

And when your boss sits down to discuss your performance or your career, I guarantee he or she won’t bring it up either.

But just about everyone is talking about it.

It called side hustling and here’s one example of how it’s working.

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Successfully Negotiating Your Job Offer in HR — If You Want To Max Out Your Total Pay Package…

by Alan Collins

Congratulations! You’ve got the job offer.

You’ve worked hard, no doubt survived a brutal interview process and scored a big win!

Now, your potential new employer has now switched from “shopper” to “buyer.”

And the dance begins to finalize a starting total pay package you both can agree on.

Since you’re in HR, let me confirm a fact you already know

Most organizations almost always build some wiggle room into their offers because they expect you to negotiate.

The more hard-to-fill, more valued and more senior the HR position you’ve been offered, the more negotiating room you have.

For that reason, that initial offer placed in front of you will likely be “competitive” in their mind, but it will seldom be their “absolute best and final” offer.

So you won’t offend anyone by asking for more, provided you do so in a constructive, respectful and professional manner.

What I’ve told you so far is probably nothing new to you. 

Now let me tell you something you may not be aware of…

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We Rise In HR By Lifting Others…

by Alan Collins

A few weeks ago, an executive search firm reached out to me with a fantastic HR job interview opportunity.  It’s something I would have crawled across a field of broken glass to get a few years ago.

But not today.

So, I told him I wasn’t in the job market at this time — but I did refer him to two other people who I highly recommended.

He was elated!

Here are three lessons I continue to believe in:

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