How To Rock as a Panelist at HR Seminars, Conferences & Workshops

By Alan Collins

“You guys rocked!”

That was the feedback an HR VP gave to us as we concluded our panel discussion at a recent HRMAC (Human Resources Management Association of Chicago) event in the Windy City.

It was great to hear this comment and to be selected as one of the panelists along with Rich Floersch, former CHRO at McDonalds and Carolyn Tilden, president of CataQuest Leadership Consulting.

Our topic was managing change as a senior HR leader.   We played off each other well and had an absolute blast!

This experience reminded me of the value that anyone in HR can gain by participating as a panelist at seminars, conferences and workshops.

Being a panelist is underrated, yet it’s one of the best ways of advancing your career.  It can allow you to expand your network and make connections that can later turn into job opportunities or consulting gigs.

In fact, if you’re not comfortable giving solo presentations, then being on a multi-person panel is ideal because you don’t have to be the number one center of attention.

But you benefit just as much.

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Why Your Current HR Day Job Should NOT Be Your Only Source of Income…

By Alan Collins

Did you know:

That actors like Angela Jolie, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and George Clooney appear in movies

…AND earn extra income directing their own films, making commercials and from monthly residual checks from their previous shows.

That athletes like LeBron James, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova earn their livelihood playing the sport they love

…AND also profit from endorsing merchandise from energy drinks to beauty products.

That singers like Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Paul McCartney write their own songs

…AND rake in more cash from the royalties earned by their older ones.

None of this is probably new news to you.

But the more important question is what all these celebrities have in common.

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How HR’s Most Misunderstood Buzzword Can Increase Your Income in Human Resources

By Alan Collins

There are lots of buzzwords in HR.
“HR business partner.”
“A seat at the table.”
“Go-to person”

You know the list.

But In my humble opinion, “ADDING VALUE” is the most misunderstood one of all.

Why? Because unlike the others, there are a thousand different interpretations of it.

To illustrate, I’m sure you’ve heard your boss or colleagues say:

“Jill, you need to add more value to the team.”
“That new talent acquisition program has really added value.”
“The Marketing group would like to see HR add more value.

These statements are tossed around in HR as much as footballs thrown by Tom Brady. Yet, I’d bet you dinner that you couldn’t get five HR people in a room to agree on what they REALLY mean.

Nevertheless, “adding value” is an important concept.  And it’s crucial that you know what it means and how to become known for it.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that if you earn a reputation as someone who can truly can add MORE value…

You will make MORE money,
as long as you’re in HR.

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Why They Rejected The Best HR Candidate They’d Ever Interviewed — The Shocking Truth Revealed!    

By Alan Collins

I recently ran into Taylor at a national SHRM conference where he was one of the featured speakers. 

We first met years ago when he was interviewing at our company for an HR executive position,

Seeing him again, we agreed to meet for coffee early the next morning to catch up.

As we sat down to enjoy our brews, I asked him why he decided not to join our company.

He looked down at his decaf.  Hesitated at first.  But then looked up and told me the REAL story.  Something I’d never heard before…

It took place eight years ago.

He was interviewing with us for the HR job of his dreams.  He was one of the two finalists. It was a job he wanted desperately to land.

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Being Demoted in HR? Before You Make A Rash Decision, Do This.

By Alan Collins

Imagine this…

The boss calls you in her office.

She closes the door and offers you a seat.

Then, she gets right down to business: “We’re restructuring HR. I’m putting Chris in your spot as the HR director handling the Marketing, Sales and Operations groups. And I’m moving you over to handle the Corporate Administration and Public Affairs groups.”

Before forgetting, she quickly adds, “Don’t worry, you’ll still be an HR director and there’s no change in your compensation…”

Your brain freezes. Your mind is numb and you only hear bits and pieces of what she says next.  You believe you pick up the words “streamlining the organization,” “shaking things up” and “better using your talents.” But you’re not sure.

The only thing you know — is that no matter what she says — you’ve been DEMOTED!

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Not Moving Up in HR? Here’s What Your Boss Knows But Probably Isn’t Telling You…

by Alan Collins

Jim always seemed to get the big promotions in HR.

When we worked together at Quaker Oats, I watched in awe as he steadily moved up the HR ladder.

From afar, I thought he was a freakin’ genius.

Yes, he was a bright and inspirational HR professional.

Yes, he knew the business cold.  Better than many of our general managers.

Yes, of course, he worked hard and got things done.

Yes, he had built a reputation as a terrific leader, manager and coach for his HR team.

Yes, his clients, his peers and the higher ups all loved him.

And while all of these factors helped him, in his mind, they weren’t the only reason for his success in HR.

I found this out when he got promoted again and became my boss.  At the time, I was frustrated, felt stuck in place and going nowhere in HR. 

So I asked him to lunch.  My major reason for doing this was to pick his brain (oh, how I hate that expression!) and to get some career advice on how to move up the ladder.

In response, he graciously pulled back the curtain and gave me some powerful guidance. 

Something I remember to this day.

Something I believe many managers know…but rarely tell their people.

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“She Stole My HR Promotion!” Reaches #1 on Amazon’s Best Selling New HR New Releases

by Alan Collins

We did it!

Thank you!

My book, She Stole My HR Promotion! written with my co-author Allison Quinn, is now the #1 Bestseller on Amazon among the new releases in the “Human Resources & Personnel Management” category.

I am humbled and extremely grateful to everyone in HR who has acquired this book, endorsed it and contributed to this achievement.

This unforgettable novel will take you on a fictional journey into the world of Drake Williams, an HR director who gets passed over for a promotion…and absolutely does NOT see it coming…and loses this job to a person that shocks him beyond belief!

Drake has every right to believe he will promoted to be the new Vice President of Human Resources at the NuStyle Foods & Snacks Corporation. 

He’s practically a shoo-in for the job.

He has everything going for him.

He knows his stuff in HR.

He’s a workaholic.

His boss is his biggest advocate.

Everybody knows and respects him.

And, besides, the firm desperately wants an African-American on the firm’s top leadership team. And he’d be the first one.


Drake is blindsided and shocked beyond belief when the CEO screws him over and instead names an unknown outsider to the job, a mysterious and savvy white female — who now becomes his boss!

He is further blown away when their relationship quickly takes an unexpected turn, spirals out of control and now threatens his job.

They both become engaged in a roller-coaster, winner-take-all corporate power struggle featuring romance, racial tension, lying, deception, betrayal, snitching, discrimination, potential sexual harassment, workplace gossip and corporate politics that risks blowing up in Drake’s face, tearing his world apart and ruining his career in HR forever,  if he doesn’t do something about it.

But what does he do?
What lessons does he learn in the process?    
What would YOU do if this happened to you?
How does all this apply to you?

Well, I guess you’ll have to dive into these pages to find out.   

One hint: The powerful secret he learned about advancing his career in HR is revealed at the very end of this story.

If you HAVE NOT acquired this book yet, go here to get all the details HERE.



ALAN L. COLLINS is Founder of Success in HR and helps human resources pros around the globe accelerate their career success.  He is the author of ten books including the Amazon best sellers Unwritten HR Rules, HR Interview Secrets and The New HR Leader’s First 100 Days.  He was formerly vice president of HR at PepsiCo where he led talent and human resources initiatives for the Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.

ALLISON P. QUINN is a novelist and fiction writer of entertaining stories about finding success and meaning in the workplace.  All of her stories are quick reads which help professionals in today’s organizations succeed.  She specializes in infusing her stories with workplace romance, mystery and intrigue to carry the reader on a journey of discovery towards realizing that ONE, single golden nugget of wisdom she has waiting at the end.

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