Stuck In An HR Role You Hate? Here Are 4 Ways To Benefit From It.

by Alan Collins

Are you stuck in an HR role you hate? 

Bored with your work? Have clients you dislike?

Not getting along with your HR colleagues or the boss?

Not feeling the “love” from the organization that pays you?

We’ve all been there.

It’s not your fault. However, nothing keeps you from maximizing the experience until you transition into a better situation.

With that in mind, from my own experience, here are 4 helpful lessons you can  learn from that HR job you despise.

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6 Ways To Become an HR Superhero in Your Organization — No Matter How Much (Or Little) Experience You Have!

by Alan Collins

A few nights ago, I saw Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It was the first time I’d gone into a theatre, in over two years, since the pandemic.

It was worth it! I absolutely loved the movie.

It had great action sequences, a cool story and heart. Tom Holland and Zendaya were terrific in their starring roles (see both above).

I highly recommend it.

I’m a big superhero fan and movie buff.  As a kid I collected comic books and fantasized having powers like Spider-Man.

Growing up, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had your own super-powered role model as well.

And, maybe you still do.

If so, envision this: Imagine being an HR superhero in your organization.

If you’ve gained a reputation with your clients as someone who is awesome at what you do in HR, it’s just like being your favorite superhero — gifted with super powers.

When you’ve reached this level:

It doesn’t matter how much HR experience you have.

It doesn’t matter what college you went to.

It doesn’t matter what degrees you have.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re HR certified or not.

No one gives a crap about that stuff.

Instead, they are spellbound by your powers and your awesomeness. 

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HR Pros: Could You Still Be Laid Off Due to the Pandemic? Use this Cheat Sheet to Find Out.

The pandemic is still with us. Is your job still at risk?

by Alan Collins

“You lied to me!”

Those were the first words a former colleague of mine — a Regional Employee Relations Director — yelled at her boss, after he informed her job was being eliminated due to the pandemic.

This happened months ago, during their weekly one-on-one update meeting on Skype.

Two minutes into their meeting was when he broke the bad news to her.

He told her she wasn’t alone.

Their company, a Fortune 500 airline company, would be eliminating the jobs of 200 salaried staff employees due to pandemic.

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The #1 Secret For Being A Successful HR Consultant, Coach, Speaker or Writer

by Alan Collins

Everyone in HR at some point in their career thinks about becoming a speaker, writer, consultant or coach.

It’s an awesome and potentially lucrative way of capitalizing on your HR expertise — either part-time, full-time or in your spare time.

In fact, a few months ago I posted 30 Great Side Hustles For HR Professionals — many of which include becoming a speaker, writer, consultant or coach.

If this idea has ever crossed your mind too, you’ll find this article especially valuable.

Why?  Because if you ever decide to speak, write or consult, there is ONE secret you must embrace.

I stumbled upon this unexpected revelation years ago when I first launched this Success in HR blog and started coaching others.

When I got going, what I quickly discovered one stumbling block…

It was very difficult for me to talk or
write about anything personal.

So I avoided doing that.

I thought that HR folks were NOT interested in me as a person.

I believed all they wanted was my HR expertise.

And that WAS true. 

Yes, they did want my know-how.   

But that ALONE wasn’t enough.   

I wasn’t attracting a decent number of readers and clients because I wasn’t delivering EXACTLY what they wanted.

So I sought out the help of one of my HR mentors — a former CHRO of two large organizations and now a phenomenally successful HR consultant and coach.

He immediately saw what my problem was.

And he delivered his advice to me with the force of knockout punch right to my face.

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7 HR Career Regrets You Must Bury Before This Year Ends…

By Alan Collins

Everyone has regrets.

Especially when it comes to our careers in HR.

We all make mistakes we wish we could take back.

We all have things we wish we could do over.

We all have things we wish we could we could have done differently.

However, as this year comes to a close — the year of both The Great Pandemic and The Great Resignation of 2021 — it’s time to do a reset for next year.

And to do that, here are seven career regrets you absolutely need to bury and let go of right now — before the new year starts.

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What To Say When An HR Recruiter Calls You — The 10 Do’s & Don’ts!

by Alan Collins

As an HR pro, you should always be prepared for recruiter and headhunter calls.

Here’s why…

You can never, ever predict when you might be suddenly thrust into the job market for reasons beyond your control.

The brutal truth is no matter how comfortable you feel currently, the reality is…

You are just one re-org away from being on the street.

You are only one job elimination from being handed your pink slip.

You are just one bad new boss away from getting whacked unjustifiably.

Especially as organizations continue
to grapple with the pandemic or
deal with openings resulting from
the “Great Resignation.

For these reasons, building relationships with headhunters and recruiters should be an important part of your career advancement strategy.

Working with them when they call is a skill you need to master, even if you’re NOT in actively seeking out your next HR opportunity.


Because there are some terrific HR jobs out there that you’ll learn about ONLY through professional HR recruiters.

With this in mind, here are ten do’s and don’ts to say when they ring your phone:

*   *   * 

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Why The “Great Resignation” is Occuring in HR

by Alan Collins

In 1929, a stock market crash created the Great Depression.

In 2008, a massive bank financial crisis manufactured the Great Recession.

Today, due to the pandemic, we’re in the midst of the Great Resignation.

People are leaving their jobs in droves.

Here’s why this “Great Resignation” is occuring in HR…

Your work and HR contributions
aren’t VALUED!

That’s the reason.

It’s just that simple.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Not sure what to do?

Let me help.

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