Why The “Great Resignation” is Occuring in HR

by Alan Collins

In 1929, a stock market crash created the Great Depression.

In 2008, a massive bank financial crisis manufactured the Great Recession.

Today, due to the pandemic, we’re in the midst of the Great Resignation.

People are leaving their jobs in droves.

Here’s why this “Great Resignation” is occuring in HR…

Your work and HR contributions
aren’t VALUED!

That’s the reason.

It’s just that simple.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Not sure what to do?

Let me help.

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HR Zoom Interviews: Ace Your Next One With This One-Page Cheat Sheet of Quick Tips

Is in-person interviewing dead?

by Alan Collins

Video interviewing is picking up steam!

More and more firms have begun slowly moving away from time-consuming, in-person interviews that can be nightmares to schedule.

Instead, they’ve begun replacing them with virtual or video interviews that are more efficient, easier to set up and less costly.

As evidence of the rise of video
interviewing, apps like Skype, Zoom
and Cisco’s Webex have skyrocketed
in usage and profitability.

Why is this happening?

The current reasons are obvious: the “Great Resignation” and the pandemic (which still seems to be lingering on).

To cope, many organizations have implemented mandatory vaccinations and are being very cautious about who they bring into their workplace.

However, this trend of more remote interviewing is not new. Over the last few years, technology has been driving a gradual shift away from face-to-face interviews.

In fact, Korn Ferry’s rough estimates suggest that between 30% and 70% of initial interviews are conducted by video.

And because of this, many HR leaders and business observers have begun raising a provocative question…

Is this a sign that the
in-person interview is dead?

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Success in HR Does Not Define You. But Here’s Who Does.

by Alan Collins

Success in HR does not define you.

YOU define success in HR.


There are two HR people who illustrate this perfectly.

*   *   *

Here’s person #1.

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6 Subtle Warning Signs That It’s Time to Leave Your Current HR Job 

By Alan Collins 

Here’s a quick story a headhunter friend of mine likes to tell about a fictitious fisherman.

As his story goes, this fishing dude had just bought a brand new shiny anchor for his boat.

And as he went forward to tie it to the side of his boat, he slipped and fell overboard.

Suddenly, he’s sitting on the bottom of the river in fifteen feet of water, cradling his new anchor.

He paid a lot for it, didn’t want to let go…but he was running out of breath.

So, realizing his choice was either to drown or lose the anchor, he reluctantly let it go and swims to the surface.

And he lives to fish again.

Not one to waste a good story, the fisherman then shares his near-death experience with his colleagues the next day at work.

Everyone has a good laugh at his expense.

But then he shares something else that stops them dead in their tracks.

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15 Things I Wish We’d STOP Doing in HR…

by Alan Collins

I’m going to rant in this article so be prepared.

If we want to improve both the impact of HR and the success of the organizations we support, we must put our foot down and STOP doing some things.

Below is my list of 15 things that I think are just plain asinine, most of which the pandemic represents the ideal time to stop doing.

Would love to add your input. So feel free to add your own frustration to the list by clicking HERE.

That said, here you go.

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Three Global Leaders Share 22 Minutes of Sheer Brilliance…

by Alan Collins

While scrambling to finish up a project for a client, I stumbled across the three awesome videos on YouTube — that every HR pro should watch.

I’ve posted them below.

It’ll take you just 22 minutes to view all three.

But the insights you’ll learn about HR’s role and what we bring to the table…are simply BRILLIANT!  

So go grab your favorite beverage and check them out.

If you’re busy right now, bookmark this page and come back when you have time.

But DO watch them. 

Even if you’ve seen these before, view them again.

Or share them with your HR colleagues.

Or your boss.

Or pick out one to spice up your next HR meeting.

They are classics.

In any event, check them out below and ENJOY!

*   *   *

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4 Ways To Create Your Own Luck & Advance Your Career in HR…

by Alan Collins

The date: February, 2019,
before all the pandemic craziness.

“Damn!  Another early morning HR presentation.”

That’s what Mike muttered under his breath as he slowly climbed out bed at 5 am.

He had given three presentations to different business groups around Miami.

And this would be the tenth one he’d given in the last year.

He was tired, but excited at the same time.

He had promised his good friend Cynthia, president of the local SHRM chapter, that he’d help her out.

She had lined him up yet again to give his presentation on: “The Top 10 Ways To Use Social Media To Attract Top Talent.”   

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