Side Hustling in HR & Monetizing Your Skills…Without Cheating On Your Day Job! 

by Alan Collins

If you ever decide to have an extramarital affair, there are some unspoken rules to abide by.

One, you sure as hell don’t want your partner to find out…unless you have a death wish.

Two, you’re probably going to have to fabricate stories about your whereabouts from time to time to cover up your liaisons.

And three, unless you’re a total scumbag, you’ll probably need to figure out how to cope with the emotional guilt of lying, being unfaithful and leading a double life.

Clearly, the decision to do this is going to complicate things for you at home.

And while I’ve never cheated myself, I’m guessing that making these kinds of personal changes just scare most people to death.

Interestingly, many HR people seem to feel the same way about doing side hustling in HR, while holding down their full time day job.

To them, it’s like cheating on their spouse.

They believe it requires them to lie, be disloyal to their organization and compromise their morals and ethics.

I don’t agree.

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A Good Boss in HR is Better Than a Good Company

by Alan Collins

I collect good quotes.

I especially love quotes that are short and inspiring.

The one above is from Jack Ma, CEO and Founder of Alibaba, a $100 billion company also known as the “Amazon of China.”

And it resonated with me…BIG time!

Here’s why:

It reminded me of the two best bosses I’ve ever had in HR.

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COVID-19: You Don’t Need A Big Title To Make Your Mark in HR…

by Alan Collins

Confined at home during this pandemic, I find myself calling a lot of people.

A few days ago, I connected with one of the most impressive HR people I know — Amy.

We had an eye-opening conversation.

Not for her.

But for me.

Here’s what Amy told me she’s doing while imprisoned at home like the rest of us:

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COVID-19: How To Capitalize On It To Create A Endless Flow of Career Opportunities in HR

By Alan Collins

The current COVID-19 crisis reminds me of a phone call I had a year ago.

It was with an awesome former HR boss of mine.  He called me out of the blue, just to chat and catch up.

No strings attached.

We had forged a great relationship when I reported to him years ago at Quaker Oats.

We’re both Purdue University alums. We both love professional sports and are avid bikers. So we’ve always had lots to talk about and have kept in contact over the years.

So it was great to hear from him.

In the course of our hour-long conversation, which was sprinkled with tons of gossip and sports talk, he gave me some great ideas.

One idea was for my upcoming book.  Another was for three articles that I ended up writing about. It was like he flipped on a light switch in my head, just like he used to do as my manager back in the day.

Again, he did this with no strings attached and with no other agenda other than to be helpful. 

*  *  *

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Keep Your Spirits Up! 8 Inspirational Videos Everyone in HR Should See — At Least Once.

by Alan Collins

Even though most of us are working from home due to COVID-19 — we all have bad days, boring days and days when things just don’t go our way.

On those days, we could probably use an instant motivational lift.

So, to keep your spirits up, I’ve compiled for you a collection of  8 deeply inspirational videos.

Some of these you’ve seen before. Some I guarantee you haven’t.  With the exception of video #6, all are less than 5 minutes long!

With that in mind, if you need a quick shot in the arm, view them.  Even if you don’t, check out ’em out anyway.  Or share them with your HR colleagues (or your boss).  Or pick out a couple to spice up your next HR meeting.

In any event – watch them — and ENJOY!!

WARNING: These videos might inspire you to greatness, so view them at your own risk.

But enough build up…TURN UP THE VOLUME…and let’s start the countdown to #1 with…

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HR Video Interviews: Ace Your Next One With This One-Page Cheat Sheet of Quick Tips

Is in-person interviewing dead?

by Alan Collins

Video interviewing is picking up steam!

More and more firms have begun slowly moving away from time-consuming, in-person interviews that can be nightmares to schedule.

Instead, they’ve begun replacing them with virtual or video interviews that are more efficient, easier to set up and less costly.

As evidence of the rise of video
interviewing, apps like Skype, Zoom
and Cisco’s Webex have skyrocketed
in usage and profitability.

Why is this happening?

The current reasons are obvious: the pandemic and social distancing. 

It’s dangerous to interview someone in-person that you’ve never met because they may be a carrier of the virus.

However, this trend is not new. Over the last few years, technology has been driving a gradual shift away from face-to-face interviews.

In fact, Korn Ferry’s rough estimates suggest that between 30% and 70% of initial interviews are conducted by video.

And because of this, many HR leaders and business observers have begun raising a provocative question…

Is this a sign that the
in-person interview is dead?

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COVID-19: The HR Leader’s Guide To Getting Things Done Working Remotely…

by Alan Collins

As the COVID-19 spreads, working from home is the new reality for many folks in HR.

If your employer has unexpectedly shut down, you may feel lost as a Human Resources leader navigating remote work — especially if you’re new to the role — and you have an HR team and clients to manage. 

To help, below is an awesome, quick and dirty one-page guide that what you should do as an HR leader in managing your team,  if you want to be as productive as possible. 

Note:  You can also find more information on working productively from home here.

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