The Sudden Departure of McDonald’s CHRO:  4 Brutally Tough Lessons for HR Leaders…

by Alan Collins

This article is NOT pleasant.

It is brutally candid.

And absolutely critical for you to read if you currently are (or aspire to be) a top HR leader…whether you agree with it or not!

With that said, let’s get started.

As everyone on the planet knows by now, McDonald’s recently fired its CEO.  And shortly thereafter, they announced the sudden departure of the CHRO that reported to him. 


Very few people outside of McDonald’s saw these two moves coming.

Before getting into the HR leadership lessons we can all learn from this episode, here’s how the Wall Street Journal reported this story:

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4 Ways To Create Your Own Luck & Advance Your Career in HR…

by Alan Collins

“Damn!  Another early morning HR presentation.”

That’s what Mike muttered under his breath as he slowly climbed out bed at 5 am.

He had given three presentations to different business groups around Miami.

And this would be the tenth one he’d given in the last year.

He was tired, but excited at the same time.

He had promised his good friend Cynthia, president of the local SHRM chapter, that he’d help her out.  She had lined him up yet again to give his presentation on: “The Top 10 Ways To Use Social Media To Attract Top Talent.”   

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HR Leaders: 8 Reasons Why Your HR Team May Secretly Hate You — And What To Do About It!

by Alan Collins

If you’re an HR leader, there’s a slight possibility that some key members of your team may secretly despise you.

And it may be entirely your fault.

But, because you’re the boss and your people like getting paid, they won’t tell you.

However, here’s how you can find out for sure…

Just e-mail this article to your team members and ask them to circle any of the items list below that apply to you.

Then ask them to drop it back in your office.


That’s all you need to do.

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How To Make Yourself Compelling and Memorable in Your Next HR Job Interview…

by Alan Collins

The Three Bears
Snow White
Hansel & Gretel
The Three Little Pigs

What do these all have in common?

They are all short stories.

Stories that we fondly remember from our childhood. Each of these stories are different and unique.

Even after decades, I’ll bet if you were pressed you could remember the essence of each these stories.

The same is true of conveying a good story in HR interviews. 

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6 Subtle Warning Signs That It’s Time to Leave Your Current HR Job… 

By Alan Collins 

Here’s a quick story a headhunter I know likes to tell about a fictitious fisherman.

As the story goes, this fishing dude had just bought an brand new shiny anchor for his boat.

And as he went forward to tie it to the side of his boat, he slipped and fell overboard.

Suddenly, he’s sitting on the bottom of the river in fifteen feet of water, cradling his new anchor.

He paid a lot for it, didn’t want to let go…but he was running out of breath.

So, realizing his choice was either to drown or lose the anchor, he reluctantly let it go and swims to the surface.

And he lives to fish again.

Not one to waste a good story, the fisherman then shares his near-death experience with his colleagues the next day at work.

Everyone has a good laugh at his expense.

But then he shares something else that stops them dead in their tracks.

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Retaining Your Best People: An Awesome One-Page Guide For New HR Leaders

by Alan Collins

Trying to hang on to your best people?

Well, welcome to the party.

Retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges we face as HR pros — and it’s not getting easier.

It’s well known that keeping the top performing 10% of your employees is crucial to the success of any organization.   Whether they are:

However, what many organizations are NOT aware of is that…

Losing your best and brightest has 5-10 times more impact on team, department or business results than losing their average performing peers!

That’s a fact!

And all this presents an great career opportunity for YOU, as an HR leader.

It’s an opportunity to…

Step up to the plate and OWN the “talent retention” agenda in your organization…and collaborate with your client managers on strategies to retain their key people.   

This is a critical role. In fact, most of the best HR leaders already do this and do it well.

But there may be an opportunity to dial this up and put more attention on this issue within your organization or with certain groups you work with.  If so, this is a terrific way to lead and enhance your own HR impact, reputation and promotability.

To help, I’ve put together an awesome, quick and dirty one-page guide that outlines a few things for you to consider in taking this on.

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Why Networking in HR Doesn’t Work Anymore (And What You Should Do Instead)…

By Alan Collins

Let me make a confession.

Networking is a pain.

And if you’re like me, you’re probably horrible at it.

So, I don’t do it anymore.

But that doesn’t stop me from reaching out to meet new people who can help me advance my career and interests in HR.

Hey, wait a second, you might say….isn’t that networking?

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