7 HR Career Regrets You Must Bury Before This Year Ends….

By Alan Collins

Everyone has regrets.

Especially when it comes to our careers in HR.

We all make mistakes we wish we could take back.

We all have things we wish we could do over.

We all have things we wish we could we could have done differently.

However, as this year comes to a close — the year of the Great Pandemic of 2020 — it’s time to do a reset for next year.

And to do that, here are seven career regrets you absolutely need to bury and let go of right now — before the new year starts.

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Holiday Gift Ideas For Your HR Team, Colleagues, Clients, Friends & Loved Ones!

Don’t search high and low for the perfect gift for the important HR people in your life. 

Find them right here!

Nothing is better than a great book…especially one that will help the people you care about advance their careers in HR.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic,” wrote Stephen King, who ought to know about such things.

So, this holiday season, why not spread a little portable magic yourself?  Or surprise them with a gift they’ll value.

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5 Things I’ve Stolen This Year From HR People Smarter Than Me

Take them, adapt them and apply them to your life

By Alan Collins

The Great Pandemic of 2020, while horrible, has been a tremendous learning year for me.

During the course of this unforgettable year, I’ve never ceased to be amazed that practically every person I’ve talked to in HR is better than me at something.

If you’re like me, you’ve discovered that:

Someone is better than you at selecting terrific job candidates.

Someone is better than you at giving great HR presentations.

Someone is better informed than you on HR metrics and analytics.

Someone is better than you at dealing with tough personalities.

There are better leaders, listeners, relationship builders, conflict diffusers, influencers, mentors and employee grievance handlers.

What do you do when you encounter this?

It’s simple.

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Latinas Rising Up In HR: Highly Recommended If You Want To Be Inspired

by Alan Collins

Let’s face it.  As an HR pro, staying positive and on top of your game consistently can be challenging.

At the end of a busy day, during this pandemic, it’s easy to lose sleep at night replaying in your mind those tough clients conversations you may have had, wondering if you could have handled them differently.

Or, staring at your ceiling awake unable to let go of that employee termination meeting you led that didn’t go so well.

Or, frustrated because no matter what you’re doing, you don’t seem to be progressing in your career.

This is the dark side of being in HR that can take an emotional toll. 

However, if you ever find yourself in need of a jolt of inspiration and motivation as an HR pro, read some of the stories in Latinas Rising Up in HR: Inspirational Stories of Human Resources Professionals Leading, Thriving & Breaking Barriers.

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COVID-19: How To Capitalize On It To Create A Endless Flow of Career Opportunities in HR

By Alan Collins

The current COVID-19 crisis reminds me of a phone call I had a year ago.

It was with an awesome former HR boss of mine.  He called me out of the blue, just to chat and catch up.

No strings attached.

We had forged a great relationship when I reported to him years ago at Quaker Oats.

We’re both Purdue University alums. We both love professional sports and are avid bikers. So we’ve always had lots to talk about and have kept in contact over the years.

So it was great to hear from him.

In the course of our hour-long conversation, which was sprinkled with tons of gossip and sports talk, he gave me some great ideas.

One idea was for my upcoming book.  Another was for three articles that I ended up writing about. It was like he flipped on a light switch in my head, just like he used to do as my manager back in the day.

Again, he did this with no strings attached and with no other agenda other than to be helpful. 

*  *  *

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Overwhelmed With Time-Consuming HR Grunt Work That Drives You Crazy? Try This Instead.

By Alan Collins

Every HR pro I know is time strapped and overwhelmed with work.

This is especially true if you run an “HR Department of ONE.”

Or you’re stuck at home due to the pandemic and doing the job of two people.

Or you have little to no HR support staff.

Or if you have tons of unforgiving deadlines.

Or find yourself working weekends all the time.

Or you constantly carry around a massive to-do with lots of little things to do.

In these cases, life can feel overwhelming and stressful as hell trying to satisfy your boss, your clients, the people at home you care about — while still trying to get everything else done.

However, you do have some options.

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When You Screw Up in HR, Memorize and Say These 4 Magic Phrases…

By Alan Collins

As HR pros, we all make mistakes.

Or say the wrong thing at the right time.

Or misjudge a situation from time to time.

But not everyone in our profession will confess to their screw ups — especially in stressful situations where the stakes are high.

However, I learned a very important lesson early in my career at Quaker Oats.

As a young HR director for a tiny division of the company, I reported to an amazing boss who relied heavily on my judgment and experience.

She had taken a chance and promoted me into the director role largely because of my relationships and knowledge of the organization.

But the job was a stretch for me and a bit over my head.

She knew it and I knew it.

But she was willing to roll the dice and bet on me.

So, I didn’t want to let her down or make her regret her decision.

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