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With thousands sold since 2014, this edition has now been updated for 2022-on with the latest up-to-the-minute information, examples, resume best practices and trusted guidance geared to help today’s HR job hunters land interviews quickly. 


Are you frustrated, stressed out and confused because:

  • You can’t land any HR job interviews?

  • You consistently get no response back from hiring authorities after submitting your resume?

  • You don’t know how to get your credentials in the right hands?

  • You are networking like crazy, but you’ve had no success?

  • You don’t know the little-known secrets for making your LinkedIn profile page attract opportunities?

  • You can’t get through gatekeepers like: applicant tracking systems, keyword scanners, computers and online resume sites that shield you from the real decision makers?

  • You’ve been laid off, want to change jobs, get promoted or you’re in the job market for the first time…and you don’t know what to do?

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the resumes of outstanding HR candidates get trashed every day.

The old rules just don’t work anymore — the resume strategies for landing HR interviews today are different and have changed dramatically. .

Hiring managers and interviewers today are too busy and too savvy. You need to know the rules of THEIR new game.

This means you need a resume that looks compelling, sells you persuasively, makes you stand out from stronger competition…and presented in the RIGHT FORMAT…if you want to grab their attention and get interviews.

But make no mistake about it…you DO need a resume. It’s THE most financially important document you’ll ever create.

Having one is an absolutely MUST if you want to change jobs and move your HR career forward because every executive, hiring authority, headhunter or recruiter wants to see it FIRST before they’ll take you seriously or waste one second with you in an interview.

So, whether your resume is on paper, online or on LinkedIn, you need one that will open doors, make your accomplishments sizzle and blow away your competition.

And this book will show you exactly
how to make that happen!

In HR Resume Secrets, Alan Collins, former Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo, reveals his proven approach for crafting a powerful resume that will quickly land you job interviews in Human Resources.  These strategies are based on his twenty-five years of experience hiring hundreds of HR professionals at all levels.  

There’s nothing else like it for HR reps, managers, directors, VPs, executives…even those seeking their first HR job.  Keep in mind that if you’ve NOT been getting interviews, chances are your resume is a big part of your problem.  

This book is filled with examples of job-winning HR resumes, easy-to-follow steps, real life case studies and shortcuts that will save you time and angst.  In addition, inside this one-of-a kind book you’ll discover:      

  • 6 rules for writing a killer HR resume that opens doors and absolutely dazzles recruiters and hiring managers. 

  • How to use your resume to position yourself as a top HR candidate and persuasively sell your best achievements. 

  • How to solve the 10 biggest problems that will prevent your HR resume from producing tons of interviews for you. 

  • 11 tiny resume “boosters” you can use that will set your resume above and apart from your competition.  

  • The ONE and ONLY HR resume style you should ever use.  Don’t let anyone talk you into to using anything else.  (It’s the one employers prefer most!).

  • 9 powerful ways to attract more hiring authorities to your LinkedIn profile page (which really acts as a “resume” for you online). This includes one minor change you should make in your profile that will make it 40 times more likely to produce HR job opportunities for you.  

  • Secrets for making your resume irresistible on paper, online and electronically…and ways to optimize it for applicant tracking systems, social media and other sources that recruiters use to identify candidates for interviews. 

  • 3 different ways you MUST deliver your resume so that you get  maximum exposure and visibility to the key decision-makers.

  • 7 proven formulas for showcasing your HR experience so that it impresses and excites even the toughest hiring executive.   

  • How to create a resume that hooks busy hiring managers in 15-30 seconds…gets read…and passes just about any initial screen with flying colors. 

  • How to handle tough resume dilemmas like: getting fired, being demoted, having huge gaps between jobs, being over or under-qualified, job hopping, or being too old (or too young!)  Dealing with these ANY situations inappropriately will land your resume in the trash! 

  • Secrets for incorporating irresistible HR keywords into your resume or LinkedIn profile so that you can attract hidden opportunities — including a resource list of 50 Human Resources keywords to use and 10 buzzwords you must avoid.  You will not find this list anywhere else! 

  • How to properly take credit for the accomplishments of your HR team…without lying, fabricating  or exaggerating the truth.

  • Why you shouldn’t waste time with video resumes or other gimmicks?  Discover the truth that no one else will tell you. 

  • The only 4 cover letters you’ll ever need and the insider strategies for when and how you should use them.  This includes one cover letter that you should use that could result in an HR position being created just for YOU!

  • And much, much more including…   

These 2 Extra FREE Bonuses!

  • Extra Free Bonus #1:  20 of the Best Human Resources Resumes Ever Assembled In One Place. Copy or use these as models for your own. This collection of 20 winning, real-world resumes are included right in the book itself…AND can also be downloaded in an 8 1/2 x 11 format from a confidential website.  They all follow the principles of HR Resume Secrets and cover HR generalist positions for new college grads, managers, directors and VPs …as well as specialized roles in Staffing, Talent Management, Organization Development, Total Rewards and Employee/Labor Relations. (You’ll find the download link in Chapter 11).

  • Extra Free Bonus #2:  7 FREE Pre-Formatted HR Resume Templates. Use these templates to get started fast!  There’s no need to start from scratch and worry about formatting, margins and spacing. This is already done for you.  These proven formats will enable you to grab an employer’s attention — and most importantly, keep it! (You’ll find the download link in Chapter 12).

About the author: ALAN COLLINS is founder of Success in HR and author of two HR best-sellers, Unwritten HR Rules and Best Kept HR Secrets. He has interviewed and hired hundreds of Human Resources professionals at all levels.  He was formerly Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.  Today, as an HR consultant, he serves 12,000+ HR professionals through his flagship newsletter, Success in HR.  He earned his BS and MS degrees in Human Resources from Purdue.  You can view his LinkedIn profile here.

Don’t even think about creating
an HR resume without this book!
“I just read ‘HR Resume Secrets’ and from a recruiter’s perspective, if you are in the job market you shouldn’t even think about creating an HR resume without reading this book first.  I’ve interviewed hundreds (maybe thousands) of HR people in my career and I’m surprised at how many HR people have resumes that are totally lacking.  Alan Collins’ book will help people looking for HR jobs create a resume that will help them deliver what today’s employers are really looking for. Highly, highly recommended!” 
–Robert Kerr, Executive Search Consultant   

Alan Collins has done it again!
If you’re a HR job-hunter and want an interview leading to a job offer, then this book is for you. Collins gives you the secrets to marketing your skills and experiences in a persuasive and impactful way. This compelling read gives you all the tools, templates, stories, case studies and insider tips necessary to write your resume, get you interviews, and avoid mistakes that will prolong your job search. Bottom line, Collins transforms humdrum, eye blurring resumes into a dynamic door opener for your career.
Michael L. Cohen, Former VP, HR Development
Quaker Oats Company 

I wasted time trying to figure
this all out on my own. 

“Last year in my job search, I submitted hundreds of resumes.  This got me nowhere.  I wasted time trying to figure this all out on my own.  I would have gotten more interviews had I followed Collins’ advice.  I strongly suggest this book to anyone who is currently planning to change jobs or careers in the Human Resources field. All the example HR resumes are extraordinary and they alone will save you hours of work.”
Jose Aimez, Director – Human Resources

Excellent “by-the-numbers” guide
…really opened my eyes!
“This book is an excellent “by-the-numbers” guide for creating a HR resume that can result in interviews.  This book really opened my eyes as to what I needed to do to get my resume noticed and hiring managers interested.”
Cindy Cromara, Senior Director
Compensation & Benefits

Used it to Fix my LinkedIn profile.
“Alan Collins pulls back the curtain and shows you how to set up an up-to-date, very well constructed resume that will make you successful.  This is a must-read for any job searcher.  I’ve already used it to fix my profile on LinkedIn, upgrade how I use my resume and this will definitely help my job search.”
Name Withheld, Vice-President – Talent Management 

Come out on top of the pile!
“This is great advice on how to write a great resume that actually outshines others.  Basically, it will tell you how to create a resume that will  cause you to come out on top of a pile of resumes for the same position.   For those who are still employed, but looking for something better in HR, this is the ONLY resume guide you should be using.”
Mary Randall, Human Resources Business Partner

Step-by-step on how to market yourself!
By far, the best resume book I have ever read!
“Job seekers in HR don’t want to become expert resume writers. And this book doesn’t try to turn you into one. It is simply gives you the step-by-step on HOW to market yourself with your resume. It pointed out all the flaws and mistakes that I was making and gave me great tips on how to it to get my resume read by human eyes.  This was by far the best resume book that I have ever read!  I highly recommend this book and others written by Mr. Collins.”
Chris Nold, Director, Human Resources & Labor Relations

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