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Are you nervous and jittery when it comes to HR interviews because:

  • You haven’t interviewed in awhile and your skills are rusty and out-of-date?
  • You are filled with self-doubt, not sure what to expect and feel unprepared?
  • You have been on a few HR interviews already and you consistently get no job offers?
  • You’ve been laid off, fired, want to change jobs, get promoted or you’re in the job market for the first time…and you struggle with how to sell yourself persuasively in interviews? 
  • You’re a busy, overworked HR pro trapped in your current job and you don’t have time to figure out what to do to get ready for interviews fast?`
  • You don’t know about the subtle little secrets the best HR candidates use to make themselves  memorable, stand out from the rest of the pack…and land the job offer?

Here’s the deal…even the most experienced and savvy HR professionals get nervous going into interviews.

It doesn’t matter how much recruiting and talent acquisition experience they have interviewing OTHER candidates.  In fact, if you’re like them…

You may have interviewed hundreds of
job candidates
in your HR career.
But…there’s a HUGE difference when
are on the other side of the table
as the interviewee.

When someone else is now in control of the interview and when it’s your own career on the line, the challenge, risk and level of difficulty is much greater.

And if you haven’t interviewed in awhile or you’re rusty, it’s easy to overlook the subtle, finer points of positioning yourself as a top HR candidate — and winning the job offer.

This book will help you overcome these challenges and give you a competitive edge.

In HR Interview Secrets, Alan Collins, former Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo, reveals for the first time his proven system for acing your next interview, dazzling your interviewers and landing the HR job you want.

These strategies are based on his twenty-five years of experience interviewing and hiring hundreds of HR professionals at all levels.

Imagine walking into your next HR interview thoroughly prepared, relaxed, 100% confident and ready to present yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Now picture yourself getting that much-anticipated phone call from the hiring manager saying, “You’ve really impressed us. We’d like to make you an offer and have you join our organization right away.”

Now you can make this happen! Discover how to crush your next Human Resources interview and land the job offer you deserve.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently an inexperienced HR generalist or specialist, an HR manager or director, or the VP of HR responsible for setting the talent agenda for an entire organization.

This book will give you the insider strategies and techniques you need to confidently sell yourself into your next HR job.

HR Interview Secrets is packed with interviewing-winning strategies, easy-to-follow steps, real life HR case studies, shortcuts, job-winning interview answers, talking points, questions to ask — all of which will save you time and angst and will prepare you for your interview in the fastest time possible.

Everything contained within these pages has been developed specifically for the busy Human Resources professional who wants to win the position they love and earn the money they deserve.

Inside this one-of-a kind book you’ll discover:

  • How to conquer your pre-interview fears and jitters and calm your nerves so that you come across powerfully — and with poise, and confidence. (This include proven “mind tricks” that stomp out nerves in even the most intense situations).
  • The top 9 HR interview questions that you absolutely must nail in order to be considered a top candidate and win HR jobs fast!  (If you don’t cover your bases here, you’ve lost the job before you even get started).
  • The 10 qualities employers most desire in the HR candidate they’ll hire – including the ONE you must demonstrate to them that’s more important than all the others (Hint: it’s #10!).
  • Surefire ways to make an extraordinarily compelling and positive first impression in the first 30 seconds of the interview.
  • How to confidently answer tough job history questions with ease – even if you’ve been fired, laid off, have huge gaps between jobs, have had too many HR jobs, are over- or under-qualified, or are too old or too young.
  • A time-tested and proven tip to hook interviewers so that they remember you long after the interview is over.(This includes a proven 3-part formula for showcasing your HR experience so that it impresses and excites even the toughest hiring executive).
  • How to deal with questions that stump you and then turn them into your advantage.
  • Exactly how long your interview answers should be. (Most HR people screw this up BIG time!)
  • What to do before your interview so that you come across as knowledgeable as a 10-year veteran of their organization.
  • The ONLY 2 types of thank you letters you’ll ever need and a proven simple template you can use that will enable you to crank them out lightning fast! 
  • Powerful questions to ask that will WOW key decision-makers –including the ONE question that’s you must ask at the end of your interview if you want the offer.  
  • How you should first respond when they make you an job offer?  It’s not what you think.   Doing this wrong will cost you thousands of dollars in starting salary.
  • How to negotiate a higher starting salary –Secrets and tactics for smoothly negotiating your job offer and landing a top salary….including specific phrases to use that can potentially boost your salary offer 5% or more.
  • Easy-to-overlook strategies for excelling at HR phone interviews, second round interviews and video interviews.
  • How to leave your old job gracefully, without burning bridges, just in case you ever want (or need) to go back! Just follow this step-by-step game plan.
  • And there’s much, much more!

Breaks down the entire HR interview process!
“This book is remarkable. Alan Collins breaks down the entire interview process that HR professionals can expect and tells you what to do every step of the way.  Following his process will give you the confidence you need to perform well in the interview.  Highly recommended!”
Melody Springer, Senior Manager – Talent Management

Works even if you only have a couple of hours to prepare!
“This is great advice on how to excel in human resource interviews. Basically, it will tell you how to get ready for interviews even if you only have a few hours to prepare — without overwhelming you with BS.  For anyone who want to change jobs in human resources  field, this is the only interview guide you should be using.”
Carmen Rodriguez,  Vice President – Employee Relations

Interviewing for your dream job? Get this book first!
“Alan Collins is the man behind the best HR books I’ve read.   This book reminds me of an interview I had last year. A sleepless night before the day of the interview thinking on what to wear, how to behave, and most specially how/what to answer. On the day of the interview was the worst part.  It didn’t go well at all.  When i got this book I was laughing at myself comparing that experience to the recommendations provided in this book.  It could have helped me so much.  So I picked it up so that I can use it down the road when going after my dream job.”
Edwin Saffell, Director – Human Resources

“Cracks the code” for successful interviewing for HR jobs
 “This book really opened my eyes as to what I needed to do to sell myself in interviews. It “cracks the code” if you want a successful interview that can lead to getting a job.”
Kim Wynn-Carnacki, Executive Director – Talent & HR Administration

Avoid mistakes.  Don’t even think about interviewing without this book!
“Just read ‘HR Interview Secrets’ and from a recruiter’s perspective, this book is indispensable. I’ve interviewed lots of HR professionals in my 25-year career in executive search and I’m surprised at how many great HR people make tiny mistakes when interviewing that get them passed over. Collins’ book will help you prepare for interviews and deliver what today’s employers are really looking for.”
Robert Kerr, Executive Search Consultant   

Have already used it and expecting a job offer!
“Very satisfied.  A quick read for any job searcher in HR with an interview coming up. Has great examples which are clear and realistic. It helped me with answers to tough questions, great questions to ask and how to sell myself. I’ve already used it and I’m expecting an offer!”
Jamal Robinson, Human Resources Manager

About the author:
ALAN COLLINS is founder of Success in HR and author of the HR best-sellers, The New HR Leader’s First 100 Days, HR Resume Secrets and Unwritten HR Rules. He has interviewed and hired hundreds of Human Resources professionals at all levels in his 25 years in corporate HR.

He was formerly Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses. Today, he specializes in helping HR professionals take their careers to the next level. He earned his BS and MS degrees in Human Resources from Purdue.   You can view his LinkedIn profile here.

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