HR Video Interviews: Ace Your Next One With This One-Page Cheat Sheet of Quick Tips

Is in-person interviewing dead?

by Alan Collins

Video interviewing is picking up steam!

More and more firms have begun slowly moving away from time-consuming, in-person interviews that can be nightmares to schedule.

Instead, they’ve begun replacing them with virtual or video interviews that are more efficient, easier to set up and less costly.

As evidence of the rise of video
interviewing, apps like Skype, Zoom
and Cisco’s Webex have skyrocketed
in usage and profitability.

Why is this happening?

The current reasons are obvious: the “Great Resignation” and the pandemic (which still seems to be lingering on).

To cope, many organizations have implemented mandatory vaccinations and are being very cautious about who they bring into their workplace.

However, this trend of more remote interviewing is not new. Over the last few years, technology has been driving a gradual shift away from face-to-face interviews.

In fact, Korn Ferry’s rough estimates suggest that between 30% and 70% of initial interviews are conducted by video.

And because of this, many HR leaders and business observers have begun raising a provocative question…

Is this a sign that the
in-person interview is dead?

My take: I don’t think so.

*   *   *

In-person interviewing is still dominant.

And for key leadership roles and HR positions, it’s still the preferred way of judging a candidate’s fit with the culture and how well they will click with their team.

Hiring authorities, in particular, want certainty as they invest big dollars in top candidates.

This means making sure the HR person they hire has the emotional make-up, relationship-building and personal leadership skills needed to get things done.

So, for these reasons, I don’t see live, in-person interviews drying up entirely anytime soon.  

However, on the other hand…

I predict most firms, coming out of this pandemic, will get MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE using video technology to interview candidates — particularly for initial screening. And especially after they see the cost savings, efficiency and reach of video interviewing.

All that said, what does all this mean for you? 

I believe this trend makes it obvious…

As an upwardly mobile, career-minded
HR professional, it means you should
become a master at acing video interviews.  

*   *   *

Video interviewing is a skill that won’t appear on any HR competency model.  But it is crucial now and will be even more so in the months and years ahead if you want to advance your career.

To get you started, below are some simple, quick tips for acing your next video interview…while avoiding the mistakes many HR job seekers make.  These are essential tips you definitely don’t want to overlook.

To have them ready when you need them, DOWNLOAD the “one page cheat sheet” below. 

And I wish you much success.


To squeeze the most juice out this one-page guide:    

(1) Use it as a reminder of the key points to remember for your next HR video interview. 

(2) Keep it handy on your all devices (phone, laptop, tablet) so you can access it quickly for future reference.

(3) Forward it to colleagues you know who would welcome having this information to aid in their job search efforts.

(4) Use it any way you want!

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About the Author: Alan Collins is Founder of Success in HR, Inc. and the author of a variety of best selling HR books including:  HR RESUME SECRETS and  HR INTERVIEW SECRETS.  He was formerly Vice President – Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.

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