HR Phone Interviews – Successfully Turn Them into Second Interviews with this Quick & Handy Cheat Sheet!

by Alan Collins

Got an HR phone interview coming up?

Congratulations!  Nothing beats the feeling of getting an interview invitation, except perhaps getting a job offer.

However, you want to make sure you’re ready to crush it.  And that means scheduling the call at your convenience so you can be prepared.

Below is a great tool that covers some of the key strategies that will help you turn phone interviews into second interviews…while avoiding the mistakes many HR job seekers make.  These are essential tips you definitely don’t want to overlook.

To have them ready when you need them, DOWNLOAD the “one page cheat sheet” below. 



To squeeze the most juice out this one-page guide:    

(1) Use it as a reminder of the key points to remember for your next HR telephone interview. 

(2) Keep it handy on your all devices (phone, laptop, tablet) so you can access it quickly for future reference.

(3) Forward it to colleagues you know who would welcome having this information to aid in their job search efforts.

(4) Use it any way you want!


That said, here a quick recap of the key tips for turning telephone interviews into 2nd interviews: 

#1 — Schedule the call at your convenience. Don’t interview cold. Take the call in a quiet room. Mute all your devices. Put your resume in front of you. Have a pen, paper & glass of water handy.

#2 — Dress professionally. No pajamas or scrubs. Why? It will put you in a business frame of mind, make you feel on top of your game.& will sharpen your responses.

#3 — Stand up to project your voice. Wear earphones. Clear your voice with sips of water as needed.

#4 — Do your homework. Research the company website. Know their financials and what they do. Google, LinkedIn & Glassdoor them, if you have time.

#5 — Prep for the standard questions: “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” “Why did you (do you) want to leave your last (current) HR role?” “Why do you want to work for us? “What are your salary expectations?”

#6 — Prep for HR-related behavioral questions using the CAR technique. For a quick refresher on CAR, check out: “How to Make Yourself Compelling & Memorable in Your Next HR Interview.”

#7 — Determine 3-4 smart questions you want to ask. Your questions matter as much as your answers.

#8 — Smiles project positively over the phone, so SMILE!

#9 — Don’t ramble. Give concise answers. If you take more than 2 minutes for any answer, that’s too long.

#10 — Send a brief “thank you” email 3-4 hours afterwards.

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About the Author: Alan Collins is Founder of Success in HR, Inc. and the author of a variety of best selling HR books including:  HR RESUME SECRETS and  HR INTERVIEW SECRETS.  He was formerly Vice President – Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.

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