10 Tips For Becoming The HR Leader Your Clients Absolutely Love Working With!

by Alan Collins

Every HR leader would love to have their clients raving about them.

The dilemma, as you know, is that every client is not the same.  Each one has different needs, aspirations and quirks.

However, there are some practices that add value to just about any client.

Below is a helpful cheat sheet that outlines a few of them that can help you attain more of that “client love” you might be seeking.

DOWNLOAD it and KEEP it handy on all your devices (phone, laptop, tablet) so you can refer to it when needed.


Here’s how YOU can use it:

(1) Use it as a self-coaching tool to guide you in your interactions with clients.
(2) Keep it handy on your all devices (phone, laptop, tablet) so you can access it quickly.
(3) Forward it to your HR colleagues who would welcome having this info as they work with their clients.
(4) Use it any way you want!


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About the author: Alan Collins is Founder of Success in HR, Inc. and the author of a variety of best selling books for HR professionals including WINNING BIG IN HR.  He was formerly Vice President – Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.

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