Discover the ONE best way to get the most money for your comics — no matter what kind of comics you have, no matter how many comics you have, and no matter how old they are!

How To Easily Sell Your Comics For Big Money!
Especially Those
Worthless, Hard-To-Sell Comic Books Just About Nobody Wants!
by Alan Collins

Here are the facts about selling your comic books that no one else will tell you…

Fact #1 — The brutal truth:  Most people settle for pennies when selling their comic books when they could be getting dollars.  Big dollars. That new comic that you just bought from a comic shop for $2.99 (cover price) drops in value to 10 cents, the minute you leave the shop.  

To get any comic dealer to buy just about any comic book published before 1980, means that you’re going to have accept a price that will allow that dealer to put them in their 3 for $1 boxes.  And that price is a dime…10 cents, no more.  

And if you are trying to sell comics on eBay, good luck!  You’re going to find out in a New York minute that just about everybody there wants a steal.  And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll get low ball offers or no bidders at all for your comics….all of which is a big waste of time.  I know plenty of comic sellers who’ve had to settle for getting $5 on eBay for a comic worth well over $100.00, because they didn’t handle their eBay auction right.  In fact, it happens just about every day.  I know this sounds brutal, but that’s the truth.   

Fact #2 — The promise:  I’m going to spill the beans and tell you all the exact ways that I use that enable me to get paid top prices for my comics — no matter what kind of comics I’m selling.   Brand new comics.  Old comics.  It just doesn’t matter.  I don’t settle for getting chump change from cheap dealers or getting pennies on eBay.  And you don’t have to either — ever again!  I will tell you how to get paid what you’re comics are really worth…or darn close to it!  The techniques I’ll share with you work matter how many comics you’re selling or what kind of comics you’re selling. 

Fact #3 — This is one-of-a-kind.  The secrets I’ll share with you won’t be found in any stores.  Or on anybody’s else website. 

If you sell on eBay, you will learn about ONE “secret ingredient” you must add to your eBay auction to ensure you get more bidders for your comics.  

More bidders, mean higher prices for your comics. More money in your pocket. Or getting rid of comic books that you don’t want anymore and feeling good about the prices you’ve been able to sell them for.  

Not doing this “one thing” is the single biggest mistake you can make and will definitely take a big chunk out of the price you can get for your comics!  This works even if you’re selling comics online, at comic cons, by mail or face-to-face. 

Fact #4 – The guarantee:   You get one full year to try out all my techniques. You must get paid the price your comics are really worth…not what some cheap eBay bidder, comic collector or comic shop dealer will give you!   

If you decide to act now, I’ll give you some super bonuses worth well over $80.00 — absolutely FREE.  And you get to keep these bonuses forever AND get your money back —if my techniques don’t live up to my promises or if this doesn’t work for you anything within one year.  That’s how confident I am that this stuff works.

Want to know what these techniques are?
All of this is revealed in the…

With this system, you’ll get lots of help
getting the price you want for: 

  • Brand new comics you just bought.
  • Comics you’ve tried selling on eBay before — but couldn’t get your price for.
  • Boxes of comics you’ve got lying around that are just gathering dust.
  • Fair, torn, spine damaged, taped up or poor condition comics.
  • Restored comics — no matter how they look.
  • Old collectible comics….that just about everybody wants.
  • Back issues…that practically nobody wants
  • Comics that dealers are dumping 3 for $1.00 (in their bargain box).
  • Marvels, DCs, Image, Independents….just about any of the other titles.
  • Golden age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Westerns, Romance, etc.
  • “Hot” comics you invested in and hoped would go up in value…and didn’t.
  • CGC graded comics – that grade out from from 9.5 to 2.5 or below.
  • Just 1 single comic.
  • Or 100 comics.
  • Or 100,000 comics.
  • Just about ANY comics you have…it doesn’t matter!  

Here Are Comments From Comic Collectors, Sellers, Dealers and Ordinary People Who Have Already Used The Comic Selling Secrets System… 

I earned $2000 in less than one week
“…..I earned over $2,000.00 in less than one week using two techniques I learned during the first 30 minutes I spent reading this material.”
Fred Fishbein, Barstow, CA

I had no idea that I would receive this huge amount of comic money-making information
“…..I thought it would be good, but I had no idea that I would receive this huge amount of comic money-making information that I did.  We have increased our total comic sales of slow-movers by about 80%.  Thanks for your willingness to take the time to share your knowledge.”
Jackie Craig, Jackson, MS

I definitely use it when I sell my stuff on eBay
“……I just got and downloaded “Comic Selling Secrets System” today, and I have to admit, I’m impressed.  I’m very skeptical when it comes to buying this kind of stuff.  I honestly figured I’d be writing you to request a refund, saying, “Sorry, but I read through all this and it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.” Instead, I have printed out a copy (for personal use only), put it in a big, thick three-ring binder and will be taking it with me when I go to a comic show in Indianapolis this weekend.  I’ll also definitely use it when I sell my stuff on eBay.  Congratulations on having written an excellent, useful book. I know I will certainly get my money’s worth out of it!”
Mary Ellen Scott, Bloomington, IN

It’s very easy to follow 
“……Excellent in terms of ideas and new ways to make money from your comics. VERY easy to follow.   Terrific information for those that want to sell just a few comics as well as for those who want to make a business of buying and selling comics…….”
Ted Stevenson, Wilmington, DE

I made $2700.00 that I wouldn’t have made
“…….I started a month ago using the techniques in your book.   I made $2700.00 that I wouldn’t have made.  At first, I thought this was hype, but I was like you, frustrated trying to sell my comics and trying to get what they’re worth that I decided to try this out.  I am very happy.”
Jerry Perkins, Lansing, IL

I sold a ton of junk comics
“……”I had a ton of junk comics from the 1980s & 90s  in my attic to sell.  I tried eBay, but even though I got bidders, I ended up having to sell my comics cheap and a hell of a lot less than what they’re worth.  I’m so glad I got this information first, because it was so easy to follow.  I just copied the examples and I was able to get my comics on the Web within a week.  There were some neat tricks that I never would have thought of, that I know have brought me a lot more bidders….”
Jonathan Rupert, Chicago, IL

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Here’s are all the details about the…

And The Full Story Behind How I Finally Discovered How
To Get Top Dollar For My Comic Books
— Even Worthless, Tough-to-Sell Comics

My name is Alan Collins.  I’ve lived in Chicago all my life.  Despite the winters, I don’t believe there’s a better place to live on earth.  I also love comics.  I’ve been a comic collector for 21 years.  And I’ve also been a comic dealer for the last 11 years.  

Let me tell you how I stumbled on to this “secret.”

For about 6 years, I had well over 120,000 comics in my collection.  

Here is a picture of about 200 examples of what I had.–>

What you can’t tell from this picture is what kind of shape these comics were in.  Take it from me, many were in great shape, even mint condition.  

However, there were also a heck of a lot of them that were in just crummy condition — torn covers, yellow pages, tape on the spine, stains on the pages — honestly just junk. 

I had them all stored in 408 comic boxes with roughly 300 comics in each box. There were so many of them, I had to pay a monthly storage fee for all the storage space I was using to keep all these comics together. 

What I wanted to do was just store these things away for a few years.  And then cash in on them when they increased in value. I thought this would be a piece of cake…especially since I was able to buy them in bulk for less than $1 apiece, and their value at the time I bought them was between $5 and $10 each. So I thought I had a goldmine! All I had to do was just wait for them to go up a little bit more in value and then I’d cash in big time.

I was wrong.  Big time!

They never increased in value.  In fact, the opposite happened. Almost overnight, their  value dropped.  Like a rock.  And when I started to try and sell them to get back my investment.  I got the shock of my life.  Practically no one wanted them.  No comic dealers.  Not comic investors.  Not collectors.  No one.  Not even at “rock bottom, wholesale prices.” 

Not even at prices less than what I paid for them! 

I tried just about every method out there.  I tried selling them at retail.  At wholesale.  I tried running full-page ads.  Classified ads.  On Ebay.  On Yahoo.  Other Internet auctions.  I even sent direct mail. Post cards.  Tried selling them at comic shows.  And tons of other methods I won’t go into here.  You name it, I tried it.   

Sure, I sold a few of these comics.  The few X-Men I had, sold pretty well.  Spider-Man too.  I also sold a few Batman, here and there.  But selling a few comics is a long ways away from selling the 120,000+ comics I had.  

But even the few I sold, I was selling at roughly what I paid for them or even less. I wasn’t making any money.  I was losing money.  This was frustrating to me because I had thousands tied up in these comics.  

This got so bad that I was within 2 hours of just throwing all these darn things out….because it wasn’t worth the hassle of tying my up my money and my time trying to sell them…

…But I Decided To Try One More Thing!

This was something I stumbled on purely by accident.  While on a trip to Texas, I came across a very successful Texas comic collector who was using what he called his “instant profit secret” to cash in on his hard-to-sell comic collection.  I got him to show me how to do this step by step…including all the shortcuts, inside tips, and little-known secrets he picked up as as result of doing this for over 10 years.  All in all, he showed me 11 different ways that I could use to cash in on my hard-to-sell comics.   I put these 11 methods into action. And guess what…they worked. Some worked like gangbusters. Others were just very good.  However, all eleven of them were better than what I was doing before. But…. 

“I Found One Of These Methods That Was Just
Awesome.  In Fact, This One Was So Good It
Worked Better Than…
All The Other
Methods Combined!” 

This one method by itself helped me sell my 71,342 comics that were sitting around gathering dust.  

And since that time, I confess…I only use this one particular method when when I sell hard-to-sell comics because it IS the best! I call it the “Instant Profit Secret” and it really is.

(Note: Here are 5 boxes that contained just 1500 of 71,342  comics I had that were just taking up space that I was able to cash in on using the “Instant Profit Secret” ) ——-> 

Now you can get the system that lays all this out to you in detail.   But before telling you about how you can get this system, let me give you an even better idea of the power of this “secret.”  When I started using the other 11 methods I learned about, I immediately started selling between 100-200 a week…at my price….which was real good news.  

Again, my breakthrough came when I started to use the “instant profit secret.”  Just about every time I used it, my sales exploded like a fireworks display. I was able to sell 5000 of these comics within the first 28 days I used this secret….all at my price. With the sale of just these 5000, I earned back all the money I had invested in all 120,000+ comics plus I made a $4,500 pure profit in my pocket in my pocket on this deal! 

I was blown away!

And because my mama didn’t raise no fools…I began to use only the “instant profit secret.” And I have now sold a total of 71,342 hard-to-sell comics using only this method so far.

The “instant profit secret” is perfectly legal, wholesome, ethical, moral and safe. It draws buyers to your comics like bees to honey — NO MATTER what kind of comics you have, NO MATTER where you’re located, NO MATTER HOW MANY COMICS YOU HAVE — 1, 1000, or 100,000 comics…it just doesn’t matter. I am convinced that anybody can apply this secret — and make money fast — if they just knew what it was and how to use it. Like you, I’ve tried a lot of things to sell my unwanted comics but nothing I did has worked better than the “instant profit secret.” I will TELL ALL! I will REVEAL EVERYTHING! And I will show you STEP-BY-STEP — EXACTLY what I did and how you can do EXACTLY the same thing.  I will even reveal an amazing way you can make make money using the “instant profit secret” — EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY COMICS AT ALL YOU WANT TO SELL!

How Would You Like To Feel Like You’ve Got A
Gigantic Magnet Set Up In Front Of Your Door That
Will Attract All The Buyers You Want — All
Eager To Pay You For ANY Comics You Want
To Sell —

That’s how I feel today.  And you can too.  Everything is described in my new book: Comics Selling Secrets – REVEALED!   It tells all, reveals everything & shows you step-by-step how easy it is for you to do exactly the same thing!

Doing this isn’t rocket science and isn’t complicated.  It is easy and simple to use.   As I said before, these methods work whether you’re selling new comics you bought last week, old comics, comics from the 1990’s, comics from the 1940’s, mint condition comics, fair or poor condition comics, single comics, lot of comics or whatever.  

It just doesn’t matter.

Take the time-consuming trial, mistakes and frustration out of making money from your unwanted comics! All you have to do is steal the examples and follow the easy-to-understand steps.  It’s just that simple.  And it’s all laid out for you.  It describes what you need to do and how to do it so you begin to make money within 10 days.


This is the only comprehensive manual than tells how even a beginner following proven methods can cash in big.  It’s the ultimate “how-to-do-it” guide that can help anyone who wants to make big money in comics.  Besides, you don’t have a choice!  To make really big money selling comics, you must learn the sell the hard-to-sell comics.  This gives you a competitive edge that other comic collectors and dealers don’t have.  It enables you to buy more comics when you come across them knowing that you can easily sell them should they go under.   Yes, all this is contained in Comics Selling Secrets – Revealed! 

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Here’s a quick overview of these 4 FREE bonuses:

FREE Super Bonus #1
10 MORE Hot Ways To Cash In On Any Unwanted,
Hard-To-Sell Comics!  (Value: $

This 40-page bonus will give you the inside information telling you exactly how the most successful collectors and dealers in the country are selling their unwanted comics.  In the two short hours or so it will take you to go through this information from cover to cover, you’ll get all the experience you’ll need to earn top dollar from your hard-to-sell comics. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to get people to buy comics at your price! (Hot Method #2)

  • 10 more proven, low-risk ways for turning any of your hard-to-sell comics into cash!

  • How you can avoid getting stuck with stacks of “hot” comics that don’t move!

  • How you can cash in on “hot” comics that suddenly go cold! (Hot Method #6)

  • The most overlooked way to cash in up to 15,000 hard-to-sell comics! (page 31)

  • How an Indiana man profitably sold 3500 comics nobody wanted in just 3 weeks! (page 12)

  • How you can “package” 100 hard-to-sell comics so they sell even faster! (page 5)

  • How you can avoid the 2 biggest mistakes most make in selling unwanted comics!

  • The cheapest way to flood yourself with buyers for your hard-to-sell comics! (page 9)

  • How you can make money by simply giving your comics away FREE! (page 39)

  • Letters, ads, easy-to-follow examples you can steal and put into action right now!

All you have to do is steal the examples and follow the easy-to-understand steps.  It’s just that simple.  And it’s all laid out for you.  

FREE Super Bonus #2
How To Get TOP DOLLAR For Your Comics
On eBay!  (Value: $

In this bonus, you’ll learn how to get the price you want for your comics on eBay or any online auctions.  Just about any time you want!  This comprehensive yet easy-to-read, 42 page manual, takes its you by the hand and tells you how to sell your comics in as little as 5 days following some simple steps that anyone can follow.  You will discover: 

  • Exactly what words to use in your eBay or other on-line auction so you are flooded with MORE bidders, MORE buyers and MORE cash for your comics than you can handle!   Following this proven approach will save you months of wasted time, pain, costly mistakes and trial-and-error.

  • 10 EXACT ADS that I’ve used on eBay to sell my hard-to-sell comics for top dollar.  All you have to do is copy these examples exactly word-for-word and you can have the same results!

  • The secret ingredient you must add to your eBay auction to ensure you get more bidders for your comics.  More bidders, mean high prices.  Not doing this “one thing” is the single biggest mistake you can make that will definitely take a big chunk out of the price you can get for your comics!

  • How to pick the best time you want to sell your comics — and then make it happen!  If you don’t think this is important, try selling at a time when no one wants to buy the comics you’re selling.

  • Sell your comics in as little as 5 days following some simple steps that anyone can follow!  These steps are so simple you’ll feel like you’re doing something illegal! 

  • Ensure that you get top dollar for your comics — this includes how to price your comics so they sell fast and you profit quickly!  (This is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not having thought of this yourself!)

  • How to get buyers to buy from you — and not other comic sellers.   This works even if these other folks are selling the exact same comics you are…at even lower prices than you are!

Each of the methods you’ll learn about is easy and simple to use.   These methods work whether you’re selling new comics, old comics, comics from the 1990’s, comics from the 1940’s, mint condition comics, fair or poor condition comics, single comics, lot of comics or whatever.  It just doesn’t matter.

FREE Super Bonus #3
Cash In Big Selling Your Comics At Comic Cons:
Tired Of People Walking By Your Table At Comic Shows And
Barely Noticing That Your Comics Are There!
(Value: $49.97)

Now you can learn little-known, step-by-step insider techniques that the world’s best comic collectors and dealers use to sell their comics at comic cons.

Find out how remarkably simple and easy it is for you to set up a table and use it sell your comic books, comic related merchandise or to make money at comic conventions….using techniques that nobody else will tell you about!

It’s no secret.  Some comic collectors have sold $1500.00 worth of comics in 45 minutes and others have made sales every 2 minutes at comic cons.  That’s a fact.

But, the secret to cashing in on at comic cons big time is not just WHAT you’re selling, but HOW you go about it!  And now you can learn how to go about it the right way….without wasting time, money, and effort…while having a lot of fun in the process! 

Finally, for the first time, you can discover these hidden secrets in “Cash In At Comic Cons!”   

You will learn…. 

  • How to pick only those comic cons where you can make money…and avoid those where you’ll be wasting your time and money!  (If you don’t think this is important, try selling comics at shows where lots of people show up, walk around to each comic seller’s table, waste time with happy talk….but don’t buy!)

  • How to turn 1 sale into 2 sales, 3 sales….or even more at practically any comic convention!  By using this technique it only takes a few sales to take home serious cash!

  • 9 easy ways to draw buyers to your table and away from other sellers or dealers….and make customers happy and eager to do business with you!12 methods for cashing in at comic cons without even buying a table!  Why should you have to worry about renting and setting up a full-blown table if you only want to make a few hundred bucks? Now you don’t have to.

  • Where to position yourself in the room so you get twice as many comic buyers as nearly everyone else!

  • 7 guaranteed ways overcoming objections — including the biggest objection of all: “Your comics cost too much.”  Just only of these techniques alone made one dealer $300 in 5 minutes.    

  • 11 little-known methods for negotiating to get the price you want for your comics NOW….not later!  This secret alone can boost your cash flow and help you rack up sales within your first hour at the comic convention!

  • How to make money after the comic con is over!  This is the single most overlooked mistake almost all inexperienced comic show dealers make that reduces their profits big time every single show!

  • What to bring to each comic convention (besides your comics) to ensure your success…on second thought, some of this stuff is even more important than bringing your comics!

  • How to price your comics so they sell fast and you profit quickly! (This is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not having thought of it yourself!)

  • What to do to catch comic buyers’ attention if they walk by your table the first time without buying! (Not one person in twenty understands this fail-safe secret …and those that do almost never share it even with their closest friends!)

  • 101 sneaky little ways of ensuring your success before, during and after comic cons!  Learn what you must know before you sign up at any show — that will help you determine how to draw more people to your table than anyone else.

  • How to pick only those comic book conventions that will pay off for you, how to make most profit from your table space….and what to do if your comic books aren’t selling and still make money!  

There are tons of conventions held near you every weekend.  

And, the secret to cashing in on them big time is not WHAT you sell, but HOW you go about it!  And this manual will tell you how to go about it the right way!

Learn how to sell your comics and put cash in your pocket all at the same time — in as little as a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday at cons being held in your own neighborhood.

Or use these secrets at the big national cons like the San Diego Comic con, Chicago con.

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Don’t Get Stuck With Worthless Comics Ever Again!
Comic Book Buying Secrets:  The No B.S. Guide To Making Big Money Buying & Investing In New & Old Comic Books
(Value: $49.97).

Don’t get stuck with worthless, hard-to-sell comics ever again!

Learn the secrets of picking out only those comics that will increase in value…and buying them up while they’re still cheap!

I know this sounds unbelievable.  But believe it.   Although nothing in life is guaranteed…comic books can be an absolutely outstanding investment!   But only if you know what comics to buy and when to them…and most importantly when to sell them.   But you must know all 3 of these factors.  Otherwise, you’ll lose your shirt.

Most comic book collectors today make the big mistake of investing lots of money buying comics they hope someday will increase in value.

They buy either….comics with eye-catching gimmick covers….or comics with flashy art by so-called hot artists….or comics with big-breasted women….or the overproduced #1 issues that seem to come out every week….or high priced Silver or Golden Age comics.

And in most cases, this is like flushing their money down the toilet!   Especially, if you don’t know what you’re doing.   

Imagine just a few years ago, you could have bought  Ghost Rider #1 for $4 and you could have picked up Astonishing Tales #25 (the first Deathlok) for only $2.   Now these comics sell for more than 10-20 times this much money…that is if you can find someone willing to sell them! 

So, how do you find those comic books that will increase in value.  And buy them while they’re still cheap? And then how do you know when they’ve peaked in value and therefore when the best time to sell them? 

Now you can learn all this and more in Comic Buying Secrets: “The No B.S. Guide To Making Big Money Investing In New & Old Comic Books!”  In this book, you will learn:  

  • How to easily find & cash in on comics priced far below their true value!

  • A little known rule that has worked every year since 1980 that immediately tells you which comics will increase that you should buy this year if you want to profit big!  (This is one of the most carefully guarded secrets in comics…those that know about this, don’t talk about it!).

  • What comics you should invest in regardless of their condition.

  • The step-by-step process that gives you a 70% return (and probably more!) on your comics in 16 months!

  • How a Wisconsin collector turned his $3000 collection into a $50,000.00 collection in only 2 years!

  • The real secret to investing in the new, overproduced, “hot” comics that eliminates the guesswork, frustration on what to invest in.   

  • How to pick the real winners before they become “hot”!

  • 6 little-known, low-risk ways to invest in comics that ensures that you will be able to make a reasonable profit of any comic you buy!

  • How to use a rarely-seen, risk evaluation chart to ensure that you’ve invested in the right items so that when you are ready to sell them you can do it without worry, hassle or sleepless nights!

  • A sure fire approach for determining the time to sell any comic you’ve invested in so that you maximize the profit from your comics!

  • How to determine when to sell hot comics before they go cold!

  • How to invest in comics so that you make money in just a few short months!

  • 5 proven ways to invest in comics if you want maximum return on your money in 1 to 5 years!

  • The #1 rule for investing in comics that ensure that you earn money ! (Practically no one does this!)

  • How to become your own best comic investment expert by using the best sources for insider comic investment information!

  • How to stay one-step ahead of other comic investors!

  • The best and worst places for getting great comic investment deals!

  • 18 tips you must follow if you want to cash in on your comic investments during in the next 10 years!

  • Comics and titles you must invest in!   Failure to do this is sheer stupidity!

  • Secrets of negotiating with tough buyers & getting the price you want for your comics!

  • How to avoid the biggest ripoff when investing in older back issue comics!

  • But that’s not all!

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