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Recently UPDATED & EXPANDED with over 40 NEW pages of content…and a total of 455 powerful and inspirational tips, strategies and ideas for getting ahead in Human Resources.

In Best Kept HR Secrets, Alan Collins compiles a collection of the most powerful advice you’ll ever get for attaining outrageous success in Human Resources…all in one place.

This isn’t the same old tired, weak, warmed-over corporate-speak that passes for HR job advice in most organizations. This is the real deal…over 400 brutal truths, tips, best practices, inspirations, confessions, and expert insights that practically no one else will sit down and tell you about.

Nothing is held back. Nothing is considered taboo. And, nothing is off-limits in this book. If you want to discover the REAL secrets for winning big in your current HR role or skyrocketing your climb up the HR ladder, just spend a few minutes flipping through these pages.

About the author: ALAN COLLINS is founder of Success in HR and author of the best-seller, Unwritten HR Rules. He was formerly Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses. He has been a featured speaker at HR conferences and seminars throughout the U.S. His articles have appeared in HR Executive, HRM Today, Linked:HR, and Personal Branding. He helps HR professionals take their careers to the next level at With 25 years of corporate, field and executive experience in human resources, he earned his BS and MS degrees in Industrial Relations from Purdue. You can view his LinkedIn profile here.

No matter where you are in your HR career, just a few minutes spent with this book will make your brain explode with aha’s and possibilities for elevating your HR career. As is his style, Alan cuts to the chase in this new book. He shares proven, no B.S. wisdom and most importantly…

“…in Best Kept HR Secrets, Alan doesn’t waste your time
being politically correct, sugarcoating the truth
or concealing the realities of what it takes
to win big in HR.”

Here’s are just a few of the valuable insights you’ll discover in Best Kept HR Secrets:

  • Twelve dirty little secrets for landing your next job in HR.
  • 4C’s for building tremendous credibility in any HR role.
  • 14 ways to turn even your toughest clients into your biggest fans.
  • What you should focus on that matters even more delivering great HR results.
  • 12 amazingly simple ways to double your personal productivity in HR.
  • 10 ways to wow your CEO.
  • How to avoid becoming irrelevant in HR.
  • The $25,000 formula for managing your time.
  • How to receive huge amounts of recognition for your accomplishments in HR.
  • Eight deadly signs that it’s time for you leave your job and find a better HR opportunity.
  • Twenty BIG goals that will easily put you among the top 5% of all HR professionals.
  • What you should do if you’re a new HR leader on your very first day and in your first week.
  • How to read your client’s mind.
  • Evil, underhanded, devious little ways to find out if employees in your company are looking for another job.
  • 10 unmistakable, tell-tale clues that an HR layoff may soon be coming.
  • 15 counter-offers you can make to retain your best people…without giving them more money.
  • 8 actions you can take to avoid getting laid off during tough times.
  • A dozen things every HR person MUST KNOW about their business.
  • How to keep your HR job and make extra income on the side during tough times.
  • 4 new rules for winning in HR…but only if you’re female, Black, Latino, Asian, Native American Gay, Straight, Young, Old, Disabled or Not…or White Male.
  • 7 reasons you’re NOT getting HR job offers…what your interviewers know, but aren’t telling you.
  • How to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack in HR.
  • And much, much more on managing tough HR issues, excelling in your HR role and enhancing your career!

I’m sharing this with everyone in my HR network
“I’ve been following Alan’s blog, his books and sharing his career tips with everyone in my HR network. The tips he spells out in this book is absolutely spot-on, too-the-point, and something you can’t afford to pass up. I couldn’t wait to flip through each page to see what else he was going to say next. This book is his best yet.”
Janet Willingham, HR Director
General Electric

Wonderful no nonsense HR advice book for busy people
“Alan has written a wonderful no nonsense HR advice book for busy people, It should be required reading for HR professionals on the promotional track and executive level VP’s of HR coaching/developing talent. He has a whimsical approach tipping readers to valuable advice in how to remain at the top using his own personal experiences as a VP of HR at Pepsico/Quaker. All HR professionals in transition can use the book for guidance and spirited motivation in their search process. I found this to be an excellent book!”
Vickie Day, Partner at Search Ventures, Inc.
(a Chicago-based HR executive search firm)

Awesome, thought-provoking book so relevant to HR
“What an awesome thought provoking book! Alan adds many new tips and concepts as well as his own experiences that are so relevant to HR professionals in today’s workplace. This book would work great as an Ice Breaker tool for your next HR Team meeting. This is one of those books that you will find yourself referring back to time and time again. Alan does a great job of capturing all those ideas you wished you would have memorialized yourself! Once again, Alan shows he is a difference maker in HR.”
Mark A Griffin, Vice President Human Resources
Valco Companies Inc.

Pushed me to think differently about my HR career
“Alan’s book provides you with sound advice that will help make your job and career in HR one that is whole, meaningful and memorable. It is very inspirational and uplifting. It made me laugh, it challenged me and pushed me to think differently about my HR career. Pulls no punches. Read it, then read it again.”
Mary Clore-Smith, Regional Director – HR & OD,
InterDigital, Inc.

I don’t have time to read books, but this is like
having your own personal HR coach
“Let me start by saying, I don’t have time to read books. But, wow! This book breaks the mold. It was filled with powerful little pieces of advice to live by or take action on. If you want to know how to become indispensable in HR, this book nails it. It is like having your own personal HR coach at your disposal. It’s down-to-earth and compelling. The ‘4 new rules for winning in HR” that Alan talks about near the end of the book are a must read for anyone and everyone in HR.”
Perry Conlin, Senior Manager – Talent Acquisition
Kraft Foods

Gives you a jump start and edge in your HR career
“Best Kept HR Secrets gives you the jump start and edge in your HR career that you’ve been looking for. By definition, secrets are something kept hidden from others or known only to oneself or to a few. Collins new book opens the lock to those secrets. The ones that help achieve success in Human Resources for those in the know. Now you will be in the know!”
Mike Cohen, President of Michael L. Cohen Associates
former VP – HR Development, Q
uaker Oats

Great book – great tips – Even if you aren’t in HR!
“This book isn’t just for HR professionals — it has numerous tips that would help propel the career of any leader in any industry. This is a must read for any new leader who cares enough about their success to listen to the wisdom of another. It’s also a motivational resource for experienced leaders who want to kick start their engines and make the final lap of their career a meaningful one.”
Tina K. Cooper, President, Tina K. Cooper, LLC,
Business Consultant and 
Leadership Coach

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