The Hidden Enemy That Attacks HR Pros When They’re Downsized or Brutally Fired…

by Alan Collins

A few days ago I had coffee with Shawna, who I hadn’t seen in years.

She had just been downsized from her senior HR manager’s position — and didn’t see the writing on the wall.

Forced against her will into the job market, she was now networking and wanted to meet with me.

Personally, I hate these kind of networking meetings.

But because I really enjoyed working with her in the past, I agreed to meet her at a nearby Starbucks.

What shocked me was…

Her behavior was absolutely NOTHING like I remember.    

*  *  *

Her manner of speaking was curt.  Her voice extra loud.  And her gestures were unusually exaggerated.

And she complained at length about her former employer.

When I asked if perhaps she was struggling a bit with the change in her employment status, she slammed her hand on our small table causing both of our coffees to spill.

And I jumped.

With her voice now angry, she shouted: “NO!  You don’t understand!”

“Not only did they let me go, those bastards had the nerve to call me the next day…because they couldn’t locate the files on a couple HR projects I was working on.”

“I told them to screw off, though screw wasn’t the word I used.”

She was literally quivering and shaking as she spoke.

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HR Interview Coming Up? Here are the 7 Top Attributes Your Next Employer Wants.

With company cutbacks and layoffs
announced daily, #1 and #2 are crucial.

by Alan Collins

Question: I’ve got an HR interview coming up next week.

With inflation raging and layoffs, I’ve been surprised at the number of opportunities I’ve had.

And while I’ve interviewed lots of candidates all the way up to the VP level, I haven’t had a formal interview myself for an HR job in a couple of years. 

But it’s time.

I’m excited and nervous as hell now that I’ll be on the other side of the table.

What’s your take on what employers are really looking for these days?



Answer:  Hi Rebecca, before I answer your question, let’s first talk about your nervousness.

Everyone feels a bit unsettled before interviews.

It doesn’t matter if you have twenty-years of experience in HR and have interviewed hundreds of job candidates yourself as an HR leader…when you flip over to that other side of the table as an interviewee, it can be stressful.

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7 HR Career Regrets You Must Bury Before This Year Ends…

By Alan Collins

Everyone has regrets.

Especially when it comes to our careers in HR.

We all make mistakes we wish we could take back.

We all have things we wish we could do over.

We all have things we wish we could we could have done differently.

However, as the year of 2022 comes to a close — the year of 8% inflation, The Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting — it’s time to do a reset for next year.

And to do that, here are seven career regrets you absolutely need to bury and let go of right now — before the new year starts.

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5 Priceless Words of Career Wisdom for HR Leaders

by Alan Collins

Ten months ago, one of my Linkedin connections messaged me this. 

I’ve gone from being an HR VP to being unemployed.

I hated what I was doing, and my boss treated me like dirt.

Every morning I’d wake up burned out and dreaded going to work.

Now that I’m in the job market, I realize that I might have to take two steps back on the org chart.

My job search has delivered many rejections based on:
-having too much experience.
-having too much salary.
-being geographically limited.

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Your HR Resume — 10 Quick Tips For Making It Stand Out From Your Competition

by Alan Collins

Want to get a quick jump start on landing your next HR position in 2020?

Here’s how…

Start NOW getting your HR resume
updated, polished up and ready to go.

Here’s why.

Most people take November and December off.

They think: “Hey, it’s the holidays. I’ve got parties, family gatherings, turkey to consume and lots of shopping to do.”

“I don’t need to deal with my HR resume right now… and besides, hiring won’t happen until January anyway.”

Don’t fall into this trap.

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Why Networking in HR Doesn’t Work Anymore (And What You Should Do Instead).

By Alan Collins

Let me make a confession.

Networking is a pain.

And if you’re like me, you’re probably horrible at it.

So, I don’t do it anymore.

But that doesn’t stop me from reaching out to meet new people who can help me advance my career and interests in HR.

Hey, wait a second, you might say….isn’t that networking?

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One of These Three HR Candidates Will Be The Next CHRO — Here’s Who Was Picked & Why.

A fictional story with a powerful lesson for all HR leaders.

By Alan Collins

Josh Tindall, a successful CHRO, finally decided that he’d retire in six months.

He discussed his decision with his boss, the CEO, who congratulated him for his outstanding years of leadership in HR — and made one request:

“Josh, we’ve both been through rough times in this organization. However, despite this pandemic, our organization remains strong, profitable and growing.

“You’ve never let me down. So, I’d like you to recommend your replacement. I trust you. And, I know you’ll make a great selection for me, our leadership team and this company.”

Josh eagerly agreed, clearly excited about continuing HR’s well-respected legacy within the organization,

He knew, however, that the CEO was demanding and picking one person to be his top HR leader would be difficult.

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