Get These Four FREE Bonuses. However, You Must Act Before Friday, February 21!

by Alan Collins

I’ve been working quietly under the radar on some FREE bonuses for you.

After much hard work, they’re done and I’m ready to let you have them.

These bonuses are my way of rewarding you as a reader of Success in HR and providing more value to you as an HR pro.  

You’ll find them very useful if you want to enhance your HR promotability in your current organization.

They involve one of my most popular books, She Stole My HR Promotion, pictured above.

And they’re something you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Now let me tell you about these bonuses — but please know that there’s a catch. 

And it’s this…

That’s the deal.  And oh yes, you must buy the book by Friday, February 21.

That’s it.

If this sounds of interest, read further.

Also, if you ALREADY HAVE THE BOOK, that’s great news!  You can get these bonuses too — at absolutely no charge! (just see the P.S. at the very end of this article).

That said…

Let me tell you
how to get the book,
the bonuses and more
about why I’m doing this.


First of all, about the book, here’s a quick recap.

The title of the book is: SHE STOLE MY HR PROMOTION! An Unforgettable Story About Not Getting Promoted In Human Resources & THE NUMBER ONE SUCCESS SECRET For Advancing Your HR Career Faster And Easier Than You Thought Possible! 

It’s my first novel.  As you know, I published last year and you can get more information about it HERE.

In a nutshell, this book addresses one of the BIGGEST FRUSTRATIONS that you’ll ever face in your career in Human Resources….and that’s getting passed over for that HR promotion that you worked hard for and thought you richly deserved!

If you aspire to become a Human Resources Manager, Director or VP yourself and you’ve ever experienced getting rejected, you know how frustrating, painful and devastating this can be.

Whether you truly believed you deserved the job or were promised it by your boss or the higher ups, no one likes being denied that next move up the ladder of success.  It can keep you up at night for weeks struggling to figure out what went wrong.

Here’s what you’ll gain from this book:

…You’ll discover THE NUMBER ONE SUCCESS SECRET that you can apply in your own HR career to minimize your chances of getting overlooked for future promotions…whether they arise within or outside of your current organization.

…You’ll be able to sit back, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy this engrossing, totally entertaining fiction novel that will absolutely grip you from start to finish — and is unlike any other HR book you’ve ever read. 

…You’ll uncover the brutal truth about how to make HR promotional opportunities practically find YOU…and how to increase your chances of advancing your Human Resources career in today’s volatile, unpredictable business environment.

There is absolutely nothing else ever written specifically for HR folks like this book.  Want to know even more about it? Again, check out the specific details HERE.

Now let me tell you about
your four bonuses!

All of them are specifically designed to complement the book by giving you even MORE TOOLS for enhancing your promotability.

Let’s cover them one by one:

FREE Bonus #1:
GETTING PROMOTED IN HUMAN RESOURCES: 7 Ways To Separate Yourself From The Rest of The HR Pack & Move Up In Your Current Organization

Every day more and more HR professionals are moving up and advancing their careers in their current organizations!

However, just as many others in HR…who are equally as skilled and experienced…stumble along and fail to get the recognition, rewards and career success they deserve.

If you’re in this latter camp, this priceless, 21-page guide is for you.

Stop struggling and trying to figure out how to move up.

Stop lying awake at night playing “what if” games.

This informative and inspiring guide will arm you with seven strategies to help you move up in your organization.  These 7 strategies complement the “The Number ONE Success Secret” outlined in the She Stole My HR Promotion book perfectly, so it’s a MUST HAVE!

But that’s not all, there’s…

FREE Bonus #2:
IMPRESS YOUR BOSS, CLIENTS & DIRECT REPORTS IN HUMAN RESOURCES: 3 Cheat Sheets For Winning Them Over & Turning Them Into Your Best Advocates

This is a no-frills, direct, to the point 5-page report.

But don’t let the number of pages fool you.

It’s packed with 40 proven insider ideas for building your own network of advocates in your current organization.

It includes:

10 ways to impress your clients as an HR pro.

10 tips for becoming the HR leader love working for.

And 20+ instant actionable ideas for turning your boss into your #1 career supporter.

But there’s more.

Check out…

FREE Bonus #3:
GIVING POWERFUL HUMAN RESOURCES PRESENTATIONS: Enhance Your Promotability With This Quick & Handy Guide For Preparing & Delivering Your Next HR Presentation

Public speaking and giving talks in your HR area of expertise is one of the fastest ways for you to gain visibility, promote yourself and advance your career.

One of the secrets that high potentials and leaders in HR use to stand out is that they continually pursue opportunities to speak – whether it’s presenting at offsite meetings, corporate gatherings, at SHRM meetings, to campus groups at college recruiting presentations, at new employee orientation sessions or at corporate training sessions or webinars.

However, many HR folks don’t take advantage of these opportunities because they don’t consider themselves good speakers or avoid them entirely because of fear.

This is great news for you because any HR professional can give terrific presentations if they’re willing to speak, prepare in advance and have a passion for their topic.

And that’s exactly what this 11-page no-fluff, fast action quick & handy guide will help you do. Make your next presentation a powerful one.

Finally, there’s…

FREE Bonus #4:
HR CAREER SUCCESS  FOR CORPORATE RECRUITERS: Strategies For Capitalizing On Your Talents As A Corporate Recruiter Both Inside & Outside Of Your Current Organization!

This is a 35-page special report which is a word-for-word transcription of a podcast I conducted with Darrell James, who serves as both President of James & Jordan, an executive search firm in Houston and Founder of the Influential Recruiter podcast.  

If you’re an internal recruiter in a corporate environment or have recruiting as a one of your HR generalist responsibilities, you’ll want to get your hands on this phenomenal report.

Nothing is held back.

In it, you’ll discover ways to capitalize and leverage your recruiting and talent acquisition expertise – both inside and outside of your current organization.

Those are the four bonuses!

I would encourage you to take advantage of this offer and get your hands on all of them now. 

All these bonuses are easily valued at $10-$20 apiece — and that’s MORE than the value of the book!  But they are yours free if you order the book by Friday, February 21. 

Now, let me tell you why
I’m doing this.

As founder of Success in HR, I’m absolutely committed to making you as successful as you want to be in HR.  My mission is for you to become the best version of yourself.  So I want to provide you with as many resources as possible to help you in this pursuit.  So I’ve decided to give away these four bonuses that ARE WORTH MORE THAN THE PRICE OF THE BOOK itself!

I’m also doing this selfishly too.  This is a test. I’m thinking about making these bonuses a permanent part of this book…or I may NOT.  I really haven’t decided yet.  It would take lots of extra work to do this.  And with my current commitments, I’m not sure I want to go through all that right now.  So this test will let me know if I should.

And, unfortunately, that’s also the bad news.

If I decide not to do this, I will pull the plug on all these special bonuses and they’ll NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE as freebies.  So you only have a few days to take advantage of this ONE-TIME OFFER.

And if that happens, please, please, please — do not contact me after the deadline date requesting these bonuses.  I will tell you “NO” (politely) and tell you that they are no longer available at no charge.

Those are the reasons why I’m doing this.

So here’s a recap…


If you would like to have my book, “SHE STOLE MY HR PROMOTION!” and these FOUR BONUSES, all you need to do is to follow these two simple steps:

Send an e-mail to me at with a copy of your purchase receipt from Amazon for buying “SHE STOLE MY HR PROMOTION!” (Amazon will e-mail you a  receipt once you’ve ordered the book.  Just e-mail that receipt to me).

Put “My HR Promotion Special Gift” in the subject line of your e-mail to me.  (If you don’t include that in the subject line, I’ll probably wind up deleting your e-mail. Sorry.).

That’s all you need to do.

Just follow these 2 simple steps.

And within 24 hours, I will then e-mail back to you the confidential link where you can download your FOUR powerful BONUSES.

Again, if you need more information on the SHE STOLE MY HR PROMOTION! book, check it out and order it by GOING HERE.


Here’s the summary of this very long post…

(1) Go HERE to order the book.

(2) Then follow Step 1 & 2 described above to get your FOUR BONUSES.

(3) Do all this by Friday, February 21 at midnight CST.

That’s it!

I hope you will take advantage of this offer.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  ALAN L. COLLINS is Founder of Success in HR and helps human resources pros around the globe accelerate their career success.  He is the author of ten books including the Amazon best sellers Unwritten HR Rules, HR Interview Secrets and The New HR Leader’s First 100 Days.  He was formerly vice president of HR at PepsiCo where he led talent and human resources initiatives for the Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.


P.S. If you ALREADY HAVE a copy of the book…

I don’t want you to miss out on these bonuses!

Here are the steps for you to follow:

Send an e-mail to me at .  In your email, provide the complete first sentence from Chapter 13 in the book.  It’s the sentence that starts with “That morning,…”

STEP 2: 
Put “My HR Promotion Special Gift” in the subject line of your e-mail to me.  (If you don’t include that in the subject line, I’ll probably wind up deleting your e-mail. Sorry.).

Do all this by Friday, February 21 at midnight CST.  That’s it!  I will then immediately email to you back a link to a zip file with all these bonuses.  Thank you for all your support and for being an early purchaser of this book!

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Your ONE True Passion in HR — How Do You Find It? Do You Even Need One?


I’ve read many of your articles and books and I largely agree with most of them.

However, there’s one thing I’m struggling with. You talk a lot about finding your ONE true passion in HR.

Well, I haven’t found mine!

I’ve been a HR senior director for over ten years and a generalist so I’m a jack of all trades — and love it.

I also love my team and my organization.

But I haven’t yet found my ONE light switch yet — my ULTIMATE CALLING in HR – that ONE BIG THING I’d like to specialize in or become an expert at.  

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These ideas are NOT politically correct.

They do NOT sugarcoat the truth.

They do NOT conceal the realities of what it takes to really succeed in HR.

These are the real deal…the STONE COLD TRUTHS, if you will…about what it takes to really succeed in HR.

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However, you want to make sure you’re ready to crush it.  And that means scheduling the call at your convenience so you can be prepared.

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Three Words That Can Drive Your Success in HR This Year…

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I want to tell you about one of the most empowering actions you can take this year to advance your career in HR.

I personally take this action every year in January.  But it can be done anytime.

And without exception, when I do it, a huge personal and career transformation occurs for me as a result.

It can happen for YOU as well.

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Creating an empowering THEME
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Got An HR Interview Coming Up? Here Are 7 Things Your Next Employer Is Looking For…

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Question: Alan, I’ve got an HR interview coming up next week. While I’ve interviewed lots of candidates as an HR Director, I haven’t interviewed myself for an HR job in five years.

I’m excited, but I’m nervous and apprehensive as hell now that I’m on the other side of the table.

What’s your take on what employers are really looking for these days?
–Sarah A.   


Answer:  Hi Sarah, before I answer your question, let’s first talk about your apprehension.

Everyone gets nervous before interviews.

It doesn’t matter if you have twenty-years of experience in HR and have interviewed hundreds of job candidates yourself as a recruiter…when you flip over to that other side of the table as an interviewee, it can be stressful.

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