HR Jargon, Psychobabble & Buzzwords — Isn’t It Time For You To Cut The Crap?

by Alan Collins

Cutting the HR jargon, psychobabble and buzzwords will make you much more effective as an HR leader.

I’m convinced of it.

It’ll do the same for the members of your HR team as well.

I confess despising certain words in our profession.

As examples, here are my favorite HR words to hate:

Strategic business partner
Organization effectiveness
Intellectual capital

And my all-time favorite…

Being strategic!
(yes, that strategic word again,)

What ever happened to speaking plainly in HR?  That is, saying things so your grandmother or a 12-year old can understand them.  

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HR Leaders: One Proven Way To Drive Great HR People From Your Organization.

by Alan Collins

We’re living in the era of “The Great Opportunity.”

As such, conversations like these are happening in organizations everywhere…

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5 Things I’ve Stolen From HR People Smarter Than Me In The Last 2 Years.

Take them, adapt them and apply them to your life

By Alan Collins

The last two years of the pandemic has been horrible, but I’ve learned a lot that I’d like to share with you.

As we recover, I’ve never ceased to be amazed that practically every person I’ve talked to in HR is better than me at something.

If you’re like me, you’ve discovered that:

Someone is better than you at selecting terrific job candidates.

Someone is better than you at giving great HR presentations.

Someone is better informed than you on HR metrics and analytics.

Someone is better than you at dealing with tough personalities.

There are better leaders, listeners, relationship builders, conflict diffusers, influencers, mentors and employee grievance handlers.

What do you do when you encounter this?

It’s simple.

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Free Report: Impress Your Boss, Clients & Direct Reports in Human Resources

by Alan Collins

Every now and then, I give away bonuses.

And I love doing it.

This bonus is my way of rewarding you as a reader of Success in HR and providing more value to you as an HR pro.

I last offered it two years ago.

And sadly, it’s not been available to anyone, anywhere since then.

But it’s back and it’s even better!

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HR Consulting on the Side: “I’ve Just Landed My First Gig. What’s Your Advice?”

Hi Alan,

For the first time, I’m going to be doing some HR consulting on the side for a small business. 

What I should charge to create a company handbook, revise new hire paperwork, including an online employee application…and be available for phone consultation?

I want to be reasonable but also don’t want to cut myself short.  

Any advice on what to charge and on agreements you have that you would be willing to share would be appreciated?

*   *   *

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Why They Rejected The Best HR Candidate They’d Ever Interviewed — The Shocking Truth Revealed!    

Note: This article was written over five years ago. However, as we emerge from COVID-19 and face-to-face interviewing picks up, there’s an important message to never forget in dealing with people. Enjoy!

*  *  *

By Alan Collins

I recently ran into Taylor at a national SHRM conference where he was one of the featured speakers. 

We first met a long time ago when he was interviewing at our company for an HR executive position,

Seeing him again, we agreed to meet for coffee early the next morning to catch up.

As we sat down to enjoy our brews, I asked him why he decided not to join our company.

He looked down at his decaf and paused. 

But then looked up and told me the REAL story…

Something I’d never heard before.

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Not Moving Up in HR? Here’s What Your Boss Knows But Probably Isn’t Telling You…

by Alan Collins

Jim always seemed to get the big promotions in HR.

When we worked together at Quaker Oats, I watched in awe as he steadily moved up the HR ladder.

From afar, I thought he was a freakin’ genius.

Yes, he was a bright and inspirational HR professional.

Yes, he knew the business cold.  Better than many of our general managers.

Yes, of course, he worked hard and got things done.

Yes, he had built a reputation as a terrific leader, manager and coach for his HR team.

Yes, his clients, his peers and the higher ups all loved him.

And while all of these factors helped him, in his mind, they weren’t the only reason for his success in HR.

I found this out when he got promoted again and became my boss.  At the time, I was frustrated, felt stuck in place and going nowhere in HR. 

So I asked him to lunch. 

My major reason for doing this was to pick his brain (oh, how I hate that expression!) and to get some career advice on how to move up the ladder.

In response, he graciously pulled back the curtain and gave me some powerful guidance. 

Something I remember to this day.

Something I believe many managers know…but rarely tell their people.

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