14 Subtle Little Cues That You’re About To Lose Your HR Job…And What To Do About Them!

By Alan Collins

No one in HR immune from getting fired. 

Sometimes the reasons are within your control.  Sometimes they’re not.

The key is to recognize the early warning signs so that you can take control of the situation as soon as possible.

Early in my career, I was doing some work for my boss, the HR director at the time, when we were about to present an offer to an executive job candidate.

But he called me into his office that afternoon and told me: “I can’t go through with this offer…and I can’t do this job anymore.” 

I was shocked and just a bit confused.

He then got up and closed the door to give us both some privacy.

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What Is Your HR Super Power? Here Are The Seven In Most Demand By Today’s Business Leaders.

by Alan Collins

I confess being a big fan of superhero movies.

I love the special effects and the thrilling stories that keep you on the edge of your seat.

But what really fascinates me most are the unique super powers the heroes use to fight the bad guys.

Superman can fly into action.
Spider Man can crawl up walls.
Batman has all the latest technology to save the day.
Wonder Woman has her magic lasso if the truth needs to come out.

Interesting, the phrase “super power” is increasingly being used at HR conferences and in the career management circles.

I’m hearing it tossed around more and more as people refer to their skills, talents and competencies as their super power.

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The 14 Most Valuable Job Experiences For Accelerating Your HR Career…

by Alan Collins

According to SHRM, there are 2 million HR jobs on planet earth.

However, I believe there are only 14 job assignments and experiences that will grow your career the MOST in HR.

These are those critical few experiences that are indispensable and that you should aim to add to your resume over time. 

If one of these opportunities is presented to you, take it in a New York minute!  Because the more of them you have, the more valuable you become in your career.

That said, here they are.  The 14 most important job assignments and experiences that you should look to collect and accumulate over time.

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About the author: Alan Collins is Founder of Success in HR, Inc. and the author of a variety of best selling books for HR professionals including WINNING BIG IN HR.  He was formerly Vice President – Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.

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HR Professionals: How You Can Survive Being Merged or Acquired By Another Company…

by Alan Collins

When Google bought Motorola, it laid off 11,000 people.

When Fedex bought Kinkos, it got rid of 9,500 people.

After AOL bought the Huffington Post, 900 people got pink slipped.

When Microsoft bought Nokia, it put 18,000 people on the street.

And many of those let go were HR professionals, just like YOU.

But what’s even worse is that these are just a few examples!

Large companies acquire smaller ones hundreds of times globally every year.  And chances are if you haven’t been involved in one of these situations yet as an HR pro, you soon will be.

With the volatile nature of the public stock market, companies are buying each other left and right like cheap antiques at an estate sale.  And when they do, corporate bloodletting happens and lots of unemployed bodies hit the street — especially those in HR.

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The “A” Factor: The ONE Secret To Getting Promoted in HR Consistently…

by Alan Collins

Before I tell you what the “A” factor is, let me share the true story of two HR leaders.

To prevent embarrassing anyone, let’s call them: Colleen and Karen.

They are very much alike.

Both currently work for the same company, but in different divisions.

Both are brilliant.

Both have graduate degrees in HR.  Both have SPHR certifications.  And both have roughly equivalent HR, leadership and business skills (at least in my view).

However, Colleen has struggled for seven years just to stay employed in HR. Even though she is extremely bright, she has progressed very little, if any, financially and career-wise during those years.

She constantly looks over her shoulder fearing that the ax could fall on her job at any moment.

Karen started in HR six years ago. She’s been promoted three times during this time and her career has grown by leaps and bounds.

She’s now preparing to leave the “comfort” (probably the wrong word, but you know what I mean) of a large corporation to go off on her own as an independent HR consultant.  And, I absolutely have no doubt she’ll be successful.

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How To Make Your Personal HR Brand Better Than Your Job Competition…

by Alan Collins

I recently had coffee with a frustrated HR leader.

He has been super-active applying for posted HR jobs in his organization for two months.  But stressed out because he wasn’t able to get past the initial interview phase.

When I asked him to describe how he was positioning himself to interviewers, he confused me.  I just couldn’t grasp just what the hell he did.

He described working with his clients on “human capital optimization” projects and implementing “talent management” and “organization effectiveness” initiatives in his organization.

When I asked him to further define these buzzwords, it took him about 20 minutes to translate these into accomplishments and results that I understood.

I have a feeling that’s been his problem.

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5 Reasons Every HR Professional Needs Their Own Book…And How To Make It Happen Quickly!

by Alan Collins

When I finished my 8th book, HR Interview Secrets, I celebrated by going to dinner with a bunch of colleagues and friends at Ditka’s in Chicago.

Thick steaks.

Lots of mashed potatoes.

Chocolate cake.

Plenty of adult beverages.

Quite a few diets were abandoned that night.

There was also great conversation about the book.

But not what you’d expect.

Most of the comments were some variation of the following:

“Jeez, I’d like to write a book too, but…,”
“I have an idea for a book, however…,”
“I wish I had the time to write a book…”
“A book? I wouldn’t know where to start…”

I told the HR folks in the group that I understood. At one time, I felt the same way. But, based on what I knew about each of them, I strongly suggested that they, too, should get their OWN book going – now!

When they asked why, I was in no mental condition to answer them clearly…especially after a full meal and two vodka martinis. But I promised them I’d write out my rationale, post it on my blog…and provide them with some “help” on how to get their own book done fast.

So, guys, here you go. I’m delivering on my promise.

Here are 5 big reasons to author your own HR book…

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