5 Reasons Every HR Professional Needs Their Own Book…And How To Make It Happen Quickly!

by Alan Collins

When I finished my 8th book, HR Interview Secrets, I celebrated by going to dinner with a bunch of colleagues and friends at Ditka’s in Chicago.

Thick steaks.

Lots of mashed potatoes.

Chocolate cake.

Plenty of adult beverages.

Quite a few diets were abandoned that night.

There was also great conversation about the book.

But not what you’d expect.

Most of the comments were some variation of the following:

“Jeez, I’d like to write a book too, but…,”
“I have an idea for a book, however…,”
“I wish I had the time to write a book…”
“A book? I wouldn’t know where to start…”

I told the HR folks in the group that I understood. At one time, I felt the same way. But, based on what I knew about each of them, I strongly suggested that they, too, should get their OWN book going – now!

When they asked why, I was in no mental condition to answer them clearly…especially after a full meal and two vodka martinis. But I promised them I’d write out my rationale, post it on my blog…and provide them with some “help” on how to get their own book done fast.

So, guys, here you go. I’m delivering on my promise.

Here are 5 big reasons to author your own HR book…

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The 70% Rule: Your Shortcut For Getting Faster Results in HR…

by Alan Collins

Here it is in a nutshell…

This is one excerpt from Best Kept HR Secrets.

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Want more strategies for leveraging the 70% rule and THRIVING in your career in Human Resources?  Then check out:  UNWRITTEN HR RULES: 21 Strategies For Attaining Awesome Career Success in Human Resources featuring FREE EXCERPTS that can be downloaded HERE.

About the author: Alan Collins is Founder of Success in HR and the author of a variety of best selling books for HR professionals  including UNWRITTEN HR RULES.   He was formerly Vice President – Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.

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100 Tips For Crushing Your Career in HR — Here are Tips #1-5…

by Alan Collins

Today, I’m going to start sharing my top 100 tips for crushing your career in HR.

To keep from overwhelming you, I’ll be piecing these out in small batches over the next 6-12 months.

They’ll be in no particular order.  But all will be actionable.

Hope you enjoy these nuggets.

That said, let’s get started with the first five.

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Part 2 — 100 Tips For Crushing Your Career in HR

by Alan Collins

Today, we’re picking back up on my top 100 tips for crushing your career in HR.

A few weeks ago, we started with the first 5 tips, which you can find right here.

Now, it’s time for tips #6-10.

Hope you enjoy these nuggets.

That said, let’s get started.

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An Insanely Powerful Way To Distinguish Yourself in HR…

by Alan Collins

Microwave ovens.
Fast food joints.
Amazon overnight delivery.
Buying tickets online.
Mobile phones.

What do these six things have in common?

If you think about it, it’s obvious.

They’re all SHORTCUTS.

They help us get what we want faster, better or cheaper.

We love shortcuts like these because we’re super-busy HR pros and we don’t have the time to deal with all the crap that comes at us every day.

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20+ Stone Cold Truths For Moving Your HR Career Forward…Starting Today!

By Alan Collins

Below are some stone cold truths I’ve come across in my travels through tons of SHRM seminars, HR blogs, coffee chats, and personal reflections.

All were memorable, worth jotting down and sharing.

So here you go.


1.  “If you’re a candidate for an HR job and the hiring manager spends 45 minutes talking about himself, the company or his Harley — let him.  He’s going to come out of the interview saying you’re a great candidate.”
–Kris Dunn, CHRO at Kinetix, who blogs at HRCapitalist.com


2.  “Go to godaddy.com or another domain name service, and buy a URL that represents something in Human Resources you’d like to do someday.  Just owning the domain lets you know that the possibility is there for you when you are ready.  In my case, I bought the domain name SuccessInHR.com over eight years ago.  I held it for three years before I finally got off my butt and did anything with it.”
-Alan Collins


3.  “To get ahead in HR, you must continually make yourself relevant.  Don’t get trapped only learning what only applies to your organization.  Stay ahead of the curve by getting outside of your company and comfort zone regularly…to learn new ideas, meet new people working on interesting, leading edge projects and to build relationships.  Go to training sessions on topics like finance, business development and marketing that make you uncomfortable — especially if you’re the only HR person there!  All of this will help you become a better business partner and prepare you for a future of uncertainty in HR.”
–Theo Killion, Retired CEO, Zale and former SVP Human Resources at Macy’s, Lane Bryant and Tommy Hilfiger — spoken at a Future HR Leaders Seminar in Chicago


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The Awesome Power of Standing Up For Yourself in HR

by Alan Collins

Years ago, I made an honest, but frustrating mistake many HR professionals make.

It was one that taught me the value of standing up for yourself and sticking to your guns — when you  know you’re right.

It occurred when a hiring executive called me and wanted me to make an offer to an outstanding engineering candidate.

The position had been tough to fill.  We’d been searching for months and interviewed tons of candidates.  But we had finally landed our person.

I called the candidate. Made a verbal offer of $130K plus our standard bonus and benefit package.  The candidate was overjoyed and he verbally accepted over the phone. Everything clicked.

Except one thing.

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