The Hidden Enemy That Attacks HR Pros When They’re Downsized or Brutally Fired…

by Alan Collins

A few days ago I had coffee with Shawna, who I hadn’t seen in years.

She had just been downsized from her senior HR manager’s position — and didn’t see the writing on the wall.

Forced against her will into the job market, she was now networking and wanted to meet with me.

Personally, I hate these kind of networking meetings.

But because I really enjoyed working with her in the past, I agreed to meet her at a nearby Starbucks.

What shocked me was…

She was absolutely NOTHING
like I remember — behaviorally.   

Her manner of speaking was curt.  Her voice extra loud.  And her gestures were unusually exaggerated.

And she complained at length about her former employer.

When I asked if perhaps she was struggling a bit with the change in her employment status, she slammed her hand on our small table causing both of our coffees to spill.

And I jumped.

With her voice now angry, she shouted: “NO!  You don’t understand!”

“Not only did they let me go, those bastards had the nerve to call me the next day…because they couldn’t locate the files on a couple HR projects I was working on.”

“I told them to screw off, though screw wasn’t the word I used.”

She was literally quivering and shaking as she spoke.

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Mastermind Your Way to Success in HR: An Expert Interview with Erich Kurschat

By Alan Collins

What’s the fastest way to generate ideas that can help you solve your most vexing HR issue?    

It’s simple.

Learn from the insights and experiences of those who have faced similar challenges.

Someone who is helping HR professionals do exactly that is Erich Kurschat.  

And he’s doing it by leveraging the power of Mastermind groups. 

Erich founded the Chicago HR Mastermind in mid-2016.

And, on a monthly basis, he leads this Windy City community of local HR professionals as they gather together to tackle some of their member’s most challenging issues – while providing them with a forum for networking with their peers.

As part of our Success in HR Expert Interview Series, I recently caught up with Erich and asked him to squeeze some time into his hectic schedule to share some perspectives about Mastermind groups and how you as an HR professional can benefit from them.

Here are the highlights from the interview… 

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“I’ve Just Landed My First HR Consulting Gig On The Side. What’s Your Advice?”

Hi Alan,

For the first time, I’m going to be doing some HR consulting on the side. 

What I should charge to create a company handbook, revise new hire paperwork, including an online employee application…and be available for phone consultation?

I want to be reasonable but also don’t want to cut myself short.  Any advice on what to charge and on agreements you have that you would be willing to share would be appreciated?


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What’s Your Biggest HR Career Mistake? Here’s Mine.

by Alan Collins

Super honest question time:

In the spirit of openness and brutal honesty, here’s mine.

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HR Director Fired After “Good” Performance Review — And How To Avoid This Happening To You!

by Alan Collins

Last year, a senior HR director friend of mine was fired after her year-end performance review. 

What was especially brutal was her boss’ overall evaluation of her performance.

She had been rated a “3” on her company’s 5-point scale, which was “good.”

And she was further informed that her performance was “solid” and that everything was okay.

Knowing that, she signed off on the review.

So, she was blindsided beyond belief when she was
called back in a few weeks later…and given the pink slip! 

To be totally honest, she knew her performance wasn’t stellar.

But she was devastated by this news and clearly didn’t think she’d get whacked.

Matters became worse when she was told by her boss that, after discussing the company’s financial troubles with the higher ups, THEY (not he) decided to eliminate her job.

They agreed she was doing a good job.  But they didn’t feel that SHE…as well as THE JOB she was in..was adding enough value to the business.

Read that last sentence again.

Good performance wasn’t enough.  It wasn’t a performance issue.  It was just time to whack her job.  And her.

And her manager blamed the decision on his bosses.

Yeah, right…

What a spineless, freakin’ wimp!

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A Little-Known, But HUGE Mistake Most HR Job Seekers Make on LinkedIn — That You Can Correct In 5 Minutes!

by Alan Collins

One of the biggest mistakes I see HR job seekers make on LinkedIn is…

…with their headline!

To clarify, your headline is located on the line immediately below your name on your LinkedIn profile.

And it’s the first thing a headhunter, recruiter or hiring manager sees – after your name and picture.

If you’re on the prowl for a new opportunity and your headline doesn’t scream and make you stand out from the 2 million other HR people around the globe, you’re toast.

With busy, overworked recruiters who are under the gun to find candidates for great jobs, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention.

If you don’t, they’ll just click past your profile and you’re SOL.

However, a good headline will stop them dead in their tracks.

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The Horrible Mistake Just About Everyone in HR Makes in Choosing a Mentor…

by Alan Collins

I’ve never, ever met a successful HR leader who hasn’t had at least TWO influential mentors in their lives.

HR professionals that have mentors have an edge over those that don’t.

They perform better on the job.

They get promoted more quickly.

They earn higher salaries.

And they report more job and career satisfaction.

However, the #1 biggest mistake I see most HR folks make when selecting a mentor is that…

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