The GM Layoffs — And Its Message About Creating Your Own Job Security in HR…

by Alan Collins

General Motors recently announced it’s laying off 14,700 employees, closing five factories, and discontinuing several car models. 

This includes 15% of the management staff — which means many HR professionals will get let go. 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing is unusual about this.  It happens frequently.

GM is no different than IBM, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard and the scores of firms who have done massive headcount reductions in recent years.

In GM’s case they’ve cited shifting consumer tastes as the main reason. 

In other words, you and I as fickle consumers are continuing to change what we buy.   

And as it relates to cars, we are buying more SUVs and trucks and moving away from from sedans like the Buick LaCrosse and Chevy Cruze.  So GM is closing the plants making these slower selling vehicles. 

And secondly, even a big company like GM only has so many resources. 

So it is investing less in traditional cars and more in the technology to produce what it thinks people will want in the future — like autonomous cars. 

Bottom line, big time disruptive consumer and technological changes are happening…and happening fast.   

But you know all this already.

So let me get to the point: what the heck does all this have to do with YOU and your HR career?

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“I’m Available For Hire and…As an HR Leader, I Can Improve Your Metrics, KPIs & EBITA Within Two Quarters.”

By Alan Collins

Grab your favorite beverage and get comfortable…

Because this is a MUST READ!

According to his LinkedIn profile, Doug Billings (pictured left) is an HR leader who got into HR “to stop leaders from being jackasses.  He teaches them how to lead & inspire…whilst having fun.”

Recently, Doug posted the article below on LinkedIn as he’s embarking on the next chapter of his HR career.

And it just absolutely blew me away!

It is so outstanding and reflects so much of my own personal philosophy of what super-successful HR leaders should believe and do, that I couldn’t resist getting Doug’s okay to share it.

I’m thrilled that he did.  There’s much for all of us to learn here.


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HR Director Fired After “Good” Performance Review — And How To Avoid This From Happening To You!

by Alan Collins

Last year, a senior HR director friend of mine was fired after her year-end performance review. 

What was especially brutal was her boss’ overall evaluation of her performance.

She had been rated a “3” on her company’s 5-point scale, which was “good.”

And she was further informed that her performance was “solid” and that everything was okay.

Knowing that, she signed off on the review.

So, she was blindsided beyond belief when she was
called back in a few weeks later…and given the pink slip! 

To be totally honest, she knew her performance wasn’t stellar.

But she was devastated by this news and clearly didn’t think she’d get whacked.

Matters became worse when she was told by her boss that, after discussing the company’s financial troubles with the higher ups, THEY (not he) decided to eliminate her job.

They agreed she was doing a good job.  But they didn’t feel that SHE…as well as THE JOB she was in..was adding enough value to the business.

Read that last sentence again.

Good performance wasn’t enough.  It wasn’t a performance issue.  It was just time to whack her job.  And her.

And her manager blamed the decision on his bosses.

Yeah, right…

What a spineless, freakin’ wimp!

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Enhance Your Next HR Presentation! Just Grab This FREE Success Guide & Stop Being Dull and Boring.

by Alan Collins

It’s no secret.

Public speaking and giving presentations in your HR area of expertise is one of the fastest ways for you to promote yourself, expand your relationships and advance your career in HR.

…But you absolutely CANNOT be boring!

I was reminded of this fact when I attended the National SHRM Conference last June in Chicago.

I was super excited about it because of the great speakers they had lined up. 

So when I went to my first concurrent session, I couldn’t wait for the speaker to come on.  I was on the edge of my seat and pumped up.   

The last time I felt like this was when I fought the crowds to see the Black Panther movie for the first time.

I just couldn’t wait for things to get started.

And then it happened…

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“I’ve Just Landed My First HR Consulting Gig On The Side. What’s Your Advice?”

Hi Alan,

For the first time, I’m going to be doing some HR consulting on the side. 

What I should charge to create a company handbook, revise new hire paperwork, including an online employee application…and be available for phone consultation?

I want to be reasonable but also don’t want to cut myself short.  Any advice on what to charge and on agreements you have that you would be willing to share would be appreciated?


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The HR Resume I’ve Never, Ever Forgotten. Neither Will You.

by Alan Collins

I was recruiting at Purdue University, my alma mater.

This was ten years ago.

I’m on the last candidate of the day and I’m anxious to get the heck home.

His résumé is “very light” — no extra-curricular activities, no sports, no nothing. 

Essentially it says: Purdue, 3.2 GPA, Masters in Human Resources Management.

His work experience: Elliot’s Fine Dining, references on request.

After interviewing all day I’m exhausted.  I’ve seen all these top candidates come in strutting their stuff like peacocks. They’ve got 3.9 GPAs, extensive summer HR intern experiences and some have even studied abroad.

Impressive group.

And now, here comes this guy.

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The TRUTH About Seizing Opportunities in HR…

By Alan Collins

One of my executive mentors likes to tell this little story…

Years ago, he was on vacation at a tiny beach town in California.

And while there, he decided to connect with two of his former colleagues, both now successful HR leaders.

They arranged to meet one evening at a small diner to grab some steaks, beer and catch up with each other after being out of touch for years.

When they all met at the diner and walked in, there were a bunch of people sitting around the bar and others sitting at various tables eating, drinking and talking.

The place was quiet and didn’t have much atmosphere.

After placing their orders at the bar and collecting their beers, my mentor spotted an old piano in the corner.

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