10 Incredibly Inspirational Videos Everyone in HR Should See — At Least Once!

by Alan Collins

In HR, we all have bad days.  Days when things just don’t go our way.

So, I’ve compiled for you a collection of  10 deeply inspirational videos.

I originally posted these months ago, but I’ve updated the list.

Some of these you’ve seen before.  Some you haven’t.

If you need an instant shot in the arm, view these videos.  Even if you don’t, check out ’em out anyway.  Or share them with your HR colleagues (or your boss).  Or pick out a couple to spice up your next HR meeting.

In any event – watch them — and ENJOY!!

Warning: These videos might inspire you to greatness, so view them at your own risk.

But enough build up…let’s start the countdown to #1, starting with…

VIDEO #10………Unity in Diversity
Lesson for HR:  All it takes is one person to step forward to make a difference…

……. Jason McElway
HR Lesson: Support your team – and when you get your chance off the bench, go for it!


VIDEO #8……..  “Failure” Nike Ad by Michael Jordan
Lesson For HR:  Failure is very important, because it allows you to succeed!


VIDEO #7……….From the movie “Facing The Giants”
Lesson for HR: Everyone needs a coach in their life – whether they recognize it or not!


VIDEO #6…… Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech
Lesson for HR #1: Have a vision. And to achieve it – be hungry, be foolish.
Lesson for HR #2: Forget powerpoint, three inspiring stories = a great speech.


VIDEO #5…….. Rocky Balboa in Rocky VI – Teaching his son a lesson in life.
Lesson for HR:  You gotta take the hits and keep moving forward!


VIDEO #4…..Al Pacino — Speech from On Any Given Sunday
Message for HR:  Opportunity is all around us, just make a grab for it and make improvements…INCH BY INCH.

….. Rules For An Extraordinary Life
Message for HR:  Never interrupt when someone is complimenting you + other nuggets of wisdom.


VIDEO #2…. Free Hugs Campaign.
Message for HR:  Everyone can use a hug.


VIDEO #1…….Christian The Lion
Message For HR: Relationships last a lifetime, stay in touch!

‘Nuff said.

Hope you enjoyed these!   CLICK HERE to add your thoughts, insights, or comments on these videos.

About the author: Alan Collins was Vice President – Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses. He is now Founder of Success in HR, Inc. and the author of the two HR best sellers, UNWRITTEN HR RULES and BEST KEPT HR SECRETS.

His NEW book, YOUR HR GOLDMINE is now is available on Amazon.

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47 Responses to “10 Incredibly Inspirational Videos Everyone in HR Should See — At Least Once!”

  1. Dilip Naidu Says:

    These video’s are amazing. A must for not only for HR but for all! Thank you.

  2. admin Says:

    From Kathy Ludgwig, SPHR (LinkedIn)

    If my math is correct, this was the best 50 minutes and 45 seconds I’ve spent in a long time! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Out of work for eight months now and feeling pretty battered and rejected. You’ve given me incentive to pick myself up and keep moving!

    Kathy Ludwig, SPHR

  3. admin Says:

    From Linda Hontz, Corporate Recruiter at Time Warner Cable and Owner, LAH Enterprises (LinkedIn)

    Thank you. I have actually lost my HR job and am networking and working to discover what is my next adventure. I will be sharing these videos with some other folks in my networking groups who could benefit from the motivation these videos offer. Thank you for compiling this great collection.


  4. admin Says:

    From Mike Shrader (LinkedIn)

    Excellent assortment of the true meaning of life and purpose in our life.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. admin Says:

    From Anuj Shrivastava (LinkedIn)

    Gr8 collectio..keep it up! thnx for sharing

  6. admin Says:

    Jenny Georgieva (LinkedIn)

    Thanks for taking the time and compiling those videos – inspiring! I will share them with my colleagues. Happy Orthodox Easter!

  7. admin Says:

    From Kirsten Tharp PHR (LinkedIn)

    What a collection of motivational videos. Thanks for sharing,


  8. admin Says:

    From Terrie R. Pulliam (LinkedIn)

    I watched this and found them to be very inspiring as well! Thank you

  9. admin Says:

    From Poruri Gopal (LinkedIn)

    Really thank u for those videos,it were really inspiring.The best ones for me was steve jobs lecture,rocky’s get hit, the coach motivating the student, The times of india lead campaign ad, the last one.but then the whole package was really inspiring.it atleast reminded me to do those things like introspection.Thank you.

  10. admin Says:

    From Ann Lightfoot (LinkedIn)

    Thanks for taking the time to encourage others. The videos were very inspiring.

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Lori O'Neal Says:

    Through laughter and tears, these videos speak a volumes! Thank you for reminding us what is truly important in life and inspiring us to be the best that we can be, even in challenging times!

  12. Yvonne Wolf Says:

    AMAZING and INSPIRING collection, worthy of viewing by ALL leaders – not just HR. Thank you!

  13. Sanjay Says:

    Simply awesome. Thanks Alan. Better to watch this every day rather than the depressing news….

  14. Johnnie Says:

    Thank you. Viewing these videos was a great way to start my day.

  15. Joanne diggles Says:

    What a lovely collection, truly uplifting and inspirational to just be the best we can be.

    Thank you!!

  16. Corrine Forsyth Says:

    WOW!!! Thank you for these wonderful, inspirational moments. They have renewed my spirit! It is interesting how sharing difficulty, success and heartache can touch our life like nothing else can. The human story is meant to be told so that we value the journey and those we meet along the way. Thank you once again.

  17. priyanka Says:

    excellent vedios…really inspiring…thanks for sharing

  18. rohan singal Says:

    Very inspiring collection. Thank you for bringing them together. Especially the Britain got talent one.


  19. Jaya Bhatnagar Says:

    Extraordinarily amazing!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for this eye awakening session with these wonderfull videaos.

    Thank you.

  20. Aj Says:

    Fantastic Collection!!!

  21. Reema Gupta`` Says:

    Great Videos…….

  22. Ginger Says:

    This is a great video about social recruiting!

  23. Prathibha Says:

    Amazing, very very interesting and Motivational….
    Very informative…

    Thanks a lot Mr.Alan collins.

  24. Gaurav Says:

    Awesome Alan! Truely motivational thatz all I can say. Great.

  25. Chris Says:

    Here is a fun, interactive video which includes a great 80’s reference to the Pina Colada Song. http://www.ultiproexperience.blogspot.com/

  26. Adarsh S Prasad Says:

    teriffic ..will share with team and folks..!

  27. Cynthia Says:

    These are great videos; thank you for compiling and sharing! My favorites: 1,2,3,6 & 7. Very inspirational and motivational. I have forwarded to my HR networks and others to enjoy as well!

  28. ezreen Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  29. sandya Says:

    Excllent videos. Really wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Not only for the HR. For all leaders.

  30. Beth Williams Says:

    What gifts, and reminders to be true to our hearts and souls. Inspiring for all humans, not just HR. Many thanks!

  31. Vinod Gandhi Says:

    Good collection indeed…. Must say – every one must learn from these (being an HR)

  32. Lalita Sinha Says:

    Thanks for sharing !! A must watch …thanks again

  33. manjrekar Says:

    simply great!

  34. Rakesh Mehta Says:

    Fantastic. Truly touching and greatly inspirational. Thanks for sharing

  35. Augie Melendez Says:

    Very touching and inspirational. We need a boost at Kodak , and I shared with our HR community, they have all been touched and in the words of one of us, It Made My Day in a Very Difficult time for us all. Thank you for raising our Spirt in Life and Humanity. 🙂

  36. Denza M.Young Says:

    What a way to spend my Sunday morning. That was amazing! I loved them all. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Mandy Bawa Says:

    Thank you for compiling and sharing. This wonderful collection is a great resource for inspiring us in our personal and professional lives.

  38. Sai Chandran Says:

    Thank you, Alan! Thank you for having the Vision to See these messages and the Heart to share…

    Love & Light,

  39. Latha Says:

    Excellent Videos, Some truly inspiring, life changing videos…. Hats off to the person who had the thought and goodness of sharing good things around.
    Every Day is a learning and am glad, i learnt good life lessons today, would love to implement them.

    Best Regards
    Latha M

  40. Amanda L Says:


    I wanted to share an inspirational video for anyone who wishes to get motivated, and just be successful in general, this is an “eye opener” that anyone can achieve their goals if they work hard at it 🙂



    The most inspirational videos…. Lots to learn for life from this video….

  42. Krupali C Says:

    Thanks Allan!!!! Thanks for compiling these videos and sharing them.
    I am so glad that I got connected to “Success in HR” through your articles on linkedin and started receiving your articles/ new postings.

    Thanks….a big hug to you.

  43. mono Says:

    Thanks you so much for such interesting video.

  44. navneet kaur Says:

    thanks for such a inspiring videos.

  45. Brighton Says:

    Very motivating videos,not just for HR but I think they apply to all.

  46. Niva Thakur Says:

    Inspiring videos and something that activates a real you inside you.

    Thanks Allan, these all are really motivational.

  47. Chaitanya Says:

    Excellent HR Videos !