Human Resources Jobs — 11 Best Websites For Finding HR Executive Jobs

To be brutally frank, if you think you’re going to get an executive HR job by surfing websites alone, you’re crazy!

If you’re looking for a Director, VP or Senior VP level role in HR, you are a heck of a lot better off doing other things.

What other things?

Networking.  Leveraging your relationships.  Working with headhunters. Presenting at HR industry conferences. And following up on leads that you hear about.

Having said all this, you absolutely can get some good HR leads by spending time at the right websites. However, don’t waste your time going to 100 sites. Here are the top 11 executive websites that would will give you the biggest bang for the buck in your HR job search:

#1 Executive HR Job Site —

Your best source!  There is special section on this site for HR Executive jobs and it’s extensive.   With over 100,000+ HR jobs available, Workforce HR Jobs is your direct link to current HR job postings found on employer job boards, on major job boards, and with staffing industries.  In addition to executive HR jobs, you can find executive positions in HR specialties such as:   Benefits, Compensation, Payroll, Staffing/Talent Management, Training & Development, HRIS/HRMS Specialist, Compliance, Labor/Employee Relations and HR Consultant jobs.

#2 Executive HR Job Site — focuses on $100K+ positions, including many C-level, VP, Director and Manager jobs. More than 20,000 new jobs are listed each month. However, there is an access fee to view the jobs, so buyer beware. If you are looking for free access to job postings, you should visit or (both listed below).

#3 Executive HR Job Site — is the career site of (Wall Street Journal). Content includes daily updates of critical news, features and trends. The home page highlights the day’s top stories along with Find A Job and JobAlert features. There is also an extensive collection of editorial content, databases and other services throughout the site.

#4 Executive HR Job Site –

6FigureJobs (a/k/a SixFigureJobs) is the leader in executive-level recruitment on the Web. As a candidate, you need to be approved to post your resume, although there is no cost. The approval process is designed to make sure that only candidates at an executive level in the six figures ($100,000+) post their resumes to the site. Note also that many executive recruiters use this site as well as a sourcing ground for potential candidates.

#5 Executive HR Job Site — Executives on the Web

Executives on the Web is a leading UK and European recruitment website offering senior management and executive jobs in multi-languages across all industry sectors in the UK, Europe and South Africa. Covers banking, finance, accounting, insurance, sales, marketing, IT, legal, distribution, retail, manufacturing, management consulting and government. Also provides free access to “The Executive Club” Recruiter Directory.

#6 Executive HR Job Site — is a leading executive recruitment jobsite in the UK. Job search categories include banking, finance, accounting, insurance, legal, IT, sales, marketing, distribution, retail, manufacturing, management consulting, education, government and the public sector. Posts executive, director and senior management jobs from executive recruiters and employers across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

#7 Executive HR Job Site — ExecuNet

ExecuNet is a career management and recruiting resource center for executives and recruiters. Job seekers can search jobs, but they have to pay for a membership to get access to the contact information. However, there are other career resources that are available for free, including a free newsletter. ExecuNet also tracks executive hiring trends through two nationally recognized indices: Executive Job Index and Recruiter Confidence Poll, which are both monthly polls.

#8 Executive HR Job Site —

Hard sell to candidates from John Lucht, the author of “Rites of Passage at $100,000 to $1 Million+… the Insider’s Guide to Executive Job-Changing and Faster Career Progress.” Claims that if you want to reach the executive recruiters, you need to post (and pay to post) your resume at his site.

#9 Executive HR Job Site — targets MBA grads from top international business schools with 3-20 years of experience under their belt. International in overall focus and based in Europe (Geneva).

#10 Executive HR Job Site — focuses on nonprofit, education, healthcare and public organizations recruit fundraising, mid-level and executive talent.

#11 Executive HR Job Site — Heidrick & Struggles

Heidrick & Struggles is one of the largest executive search firms in the world, focusing on senior-level executive search, interim executive placement, and leadership development services, including executive assessment and professional development.

Got more websites you’d like to add to the list?  Add them HERE.

About the Author: Alan Collins was Vice President – Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.   His NEW book, WINNING BIG IN HR is now is available on Amazon.  He is Founder of Success in HR, Inc. and the author of the two HR best sellers, UNWRITTEN HR RULES and BEST KEPT HR SECRETS.

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14 Responses to “Human Resources Jobs — 11 Best Websites For Finding HR Executive Jobs”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Two new job sites where just added to the top ten employment site list if you’re an HR Professional out of work:

    Good luck to those looking for work….its a jungle out there.

  2. admin Says:

    Cindy, thanks for the comments and the additional websites. Agree 100%. It’s brutal out there right now. Even some of the top tier companies for HR like GE, P&G and Pepsi have slowed down their HR hiring or frozen it completely for the balance of the year. Like the housing market, there’s always a market for the best, top tier HR folks — so I’m optimistic.

  3. Stop Hiding Behind Your Laptop and Start Taking Charge of Your HR Career! | Success in HR Says:

    […] Your laptop is a a great resource in the job search process. In fact I’ve written on my blog about some great websites for finding executive HR jobs. […]

  4. Executive Careers Blogger Says:

    When looking for a job, use a variety of tools and networking strategies. Just because it’s the new buzz, doesn’t mean it’s the end all be all in landing your next job.

  5. Rachel | Executive Jobs Says:

    Searching a job in the upper rung requires one to have a proper strategy. It is a good idea to hire a consultant to have a well planned job search.

  6. Arnold Ringley Says:

    This is really among the superior content articles with things that Concerning read more the following theme these days. Fantastic do the job.

  7. Fortune Franchise Says:

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  8. anastasia gkolphi Says:

    a new site for job-search is, it is enpowered by indeed and has all great listings indeed has.

  9. Terry Says:

    Please add our website of to your list or website. Thank you.

  10. management solutions consulting Says:

    This list is such a great service to the HR and Business communities.

  11. Justin Downing Says:

    This was a very interesting article. I am curious how can these sites be of assistance for an individual who is looking for entry-level HR? Are there sites for those individuals looking to gain the valuable experience that can help establish a career in HR?

  12. Ruthie Powell Says:

    The Ruthie List is an 15 year old “yahoogroups”list of over 10,000 members, made up of ONLY Recruiters and Human Resources professionals who are primarily located in ATLANTA, GA, and who are interested in helping one another! NOTE: There are positions & recruiters/HR professionals throughout the country on the list as well! Remember the Atlanta recruiters on the list know people throughout the country.

    The FREE list is used to post open positions (encouraging referrals) and to post available candidates (encouraging referrals) and to keep the HR/recruiting community informed about professional meetings, etc.
    To post a job, send me the job description and state in what part of Atlanta the position is located. Also to include the email address to whom candidates should send their resume
    To post a candidate’s resume, please write “his/her background is” “he’s/she’s looking for” and attach a resume.

    Remember…”You can get anything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”
    To JOIN the YahooGroups Ruthie List Go to
    And JOIN and go to “edit membership” in blue letters above the blue bar and you will see options for a daily digest, which is one email a day, or you can check special notices and you’ll get none, and you can just check the board.

    Ruthie Powell
    Senior Sourcer/Recruiter
    The Ruthie List is an 15 year old list of over 10,000 members, made up of ONLY Recruiters and Human Resources professionals who are primarily located in ATLANTA, GA, and who are interested in helping one another!

    Send me an invitation for to join my network. – I have over 16,000 1st Level Connections!

  13. Leslie DeMerville Says:

    Great references/information; thanks to everyone. This economy certainly isn’t getting any better, these additional web sites are valuable tools during your job search.

    Leslie DeMerville, BSc, MSc…Labor Rels

  14. Scott Pagels Says:

    The RSI team of Human Resources Executive Search Firm Consultants will identify, court and secure human resource professionals in a wide range of capacities including executives, employee relations, labor relations, generalists, staffing and recruiting, diversity specialists, organizational development, training and education, succession, planning and compensation and benefits.


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