Worried About Getting Fired? Here’s How To Create Your Own Job Security in HR…

by Alan Collins 

Awhile back, when Marissa Mayer (pictured left) left Google and joined Yahoo as the new CEO, she did something significant. 

Shortly after she took over, the long-time VP of HR, David Windley left the organization by “mutual agreement.”

Following him out the door was his #2 HR exec, Talent Acquisition Leader Grant Bassett.

Why did the CEO make these moves?

Because she could.

That’s what you do when you’re the new leader and the stock price is in the toilet.

And your biggest competitor (Google) is kicking your butt.

And everyone says your culture is all screwed up.

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Lying On Your Resume: 3 HR People Who Did It, Got Caught & How To Avoid Their Fate

by Alan Collins

Clearly, most HR pros see lots of resumes and are more familiar than most with the hiring process.

So one might think they would be the least likely to lie on their resumes.

However, that may not be so.

Based on discussions I’ve had with hiring authorities in a variety of organizations, HR folks are no different than those in any other profession.

They spin, misrepresent facts and lie on their resumes too.

I’m not surprised.

Personally, in my career, I’ve encountered an uncomfortable number of HR folks who fibbed on their resumes. However, three specific individuals stand out in my mind because: (a) they got caught and (b) I was personally involved as part of the decision made by the recruiting committee.

Here are those cases (with the names disguised to protect the guilty):

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25 Deadly Ways Your HR Department Quietly Kills It’s Credibility…And What You Can Do About It!

By Alan Collins

Every Thanksgiving our family gathers at my dad’s for dinner.

With relatives and guests, 25-30 people typically attend.

Last year, one of my cousins from Michigan joined us for the first time. He hadn’t seen us in years.

After dinner, while watching the football game, he shared with me some observations about our family dynamics and behavior at dinner.

He noticed for example: Where people sat.  How quickly people ate.  The kinds of conversations that occurred.  Who seemed be uncomfortable. Who really didn’t want to be there.  Who kept discussions going.  Who seemed to have hidden agendas.  And what different family member beliefs were on topics like sports, politics, religion and sex.

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A Little-Known, But HUGE Mistake Most HR Job Seekers Make on LinkedIn — That You Can Correct In 5 Minutes!

by Alan Collins

One of the biggest mistakes I see HR job seekers make on LinkedIn is…

…with their headline!

To clarify, your headline is located on the line immediately below your name on your LinkedIn profile.

And it’s the first thing a headhunter, recruiter or hiring manager sees – after your name and picture.

If you’re on the prowl for a new opportunity and your headline doesn’t scream and make you stand out from the 2 million other HR people around the globe, you’re toast.

With busy, overworked recruiters who are under the gun to find candidates for great jobs, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention.

If you don’t, they’ll just click past your profile and you’re SOL.

However, a good headline will stop them dead in their tracks.

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Does Your HR Resume Need A “Gimmick” For You To Attract Job Opportunities?

by Alan Collins

Let me jump right into this.

Here are just a few examples of gimmick resumes I’ve received over the years from Human Resources job candidates:

…A resume attached to a cereal box. (Submitted by a candidate for an HR manager’s position at Quaker Oats).

…A bright green resume with the candidate’s picture on it drinking Gatorade. (Obviously, someone hoping to stand out when applying for a Gatorade HR director’s job).

…A resume contained in an egg carton with faux eggs with a message inside saying “I can deliver fresh candidates for you daily.” (Thoughtfully provided by a candidate for a position in Staffing & Talent Acquisition).

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Get Your Copy of “HR Resume Secrets” Today!

by Alan Collins

For 8 months, I’ve been working quietly, under the radar, behind the scenes on my sixth book (pictured left).

It’s been an exhausting process.

But the book is finally, finally done.  I notified my subscribers about this a few days ago, and now I’m going public and letting the world know.

This book has been developed to be an “HR career game change.r”

And, I will say without hesitation that — while the topic is not new — there is nothing else like it SPECIFICALLY for HR professionals!

In this book, I will share with you strategies for how you can open doors as an HR professional, dazzle hiring managers…and get interviewed for HR positions.


By leveraging the MOST financially important document you will ever create and that is…

Your HR Resume!

Here’s the deal:  Your resume IS truly the most critical document you’ll create in your career in HR, because having one is an absolute MUST if you want to change jobs and move your career forward.


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Why They Rejected The Best HR Candidate They’d Ever Interviewed — The Shocking Truth Revealed!    

By Alan Collins

I recently ran into Taylor at a national SHRM conference where he was one of the featured speakers. 

We first met years ago when he was interviewing at our company for an HR executive position,

Seeing him again, we agreed to meet for coffee early the next morning to catch up.

As we sat down to enjoy our brews, I asked him why he decided not to join our company.

He revealed the REAL story — something I’d never heard before.


It took place in 2006.  He was interviewing with us for the HR job of his dreams.  He was one of the two finalists. It was a job he wanted desperately to land.

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26 Insanely Great Ideas For Taking Your HR Career To The Next Level…

by Alan Collins

It’s that time again.

We’re at the half-way point of 2014.

Have you taken the actions necessary to drive your career forward this year.

If not, it’s not too late.

Stuck for ideas?  Not sure what you should be going after?

No problem.

I’m going to give you 26 ideas to consider.

Most of them are simple.

A couple are completely out-of-the box.

Many of them take some work.

But all of them absolutely kick butt.

Here’s the deal:  Pick two of them and start making things happen.

Here you go: 26 ideas, any one of which — if achieved —  will easily place you among the top 5% of all HR professionals.

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What LeBron James Can Teach You About Retaining Your Best People — And Advancing Your Career in HR!

by Alan Collins

LeBron James  (pictured left with wife, Savannah) is a polarizing figure.  You either hate him or love him.

I’m in the latter group.

He’s a world champion and already one of the best basketball players that ever lived.

So what’s not to love.

Unfortunately, quite a bit!

A lot of haters out there absolutely despise him for the horribly “insensitive” way he let his employer, the Cleveland Cavaliers,  know about his “decision” to leave the organization.

He fired them on national TV…and gave them no heads up.

No forewarning.

No courtesy phone call in advance.

Nothing!  He just kicked them to the curb.

They found out when the rest of the world found out.

And when the smoke cleared, people were pissed.

Fans burned his jersey on the streets in Cleveland.

His posters were torn down.

Radio talk show phone lines were buried with calls from fans who raked him across the coals.

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