What is Your HR Super Power? Here Are the Top Seven In Most Demand by Today’s Business Leaders.

by Alan Collins

I’m a big Disney and Marvel superhero fan.

So it’s was no surprise to me that the blockbuster movie Avengers: Endgame pulled in more than $3 billion at the box office, making it one of the most popular movies of all time.

When it came out, I was right there — at the front of the line on the first weekend it opened — and couldn’t wait to see it and I’ve seen it now three times.   

What fascinates me most about the movie is the UNIQUE SUPER POWERS of the characters.

Iron Man’s super powers of  durability, weaponry, flight and super-strength.

Spider Man and Black Panther’s super-powers of mind-boggling acrobatics and combat.

And Captain Marvel’s super powers of strength and space travel which make her the most powerful character of all.

Exciting stuff.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  What does all this have to do with HR?

In a word – everything.

This phrase — “super power” — is increasingly being used at HR conferences and in career management circles.

I’m hearing it tossed around a lot as people refer to their skills, talents and competencies as their super power.

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“My ONE True Passion in HR — How Do I Find It? Do I Even Need One?”

Hi Alan,

I’ve read many of your articles and books and I largely agree with most of them.

However, there’s one thing I’m struggling with. I haven’t found my ONE true passion in HR.

I’ve been a HR senior director for over ten years and a generalist so I’m a jack of all trades — and love it.

I also love my team and my organization.

But I haven’t yet found my ONE light switch yet — my ULTIMATE CALLING in HR – that ONE BIG THING I’d like to specialize in or become an expert at.  

Do I need one?

If so, I’d like to find mine.

Any advice on this?

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“I’ve Been Promoted to HR Director. Now I’m Managing Former Peers & Friends Who Are Pushing Back. What’s Your Advice?”

Hi Alan,

I was recently promoted to HR Director. 

I’m now leading a team of HR managers, many of whom were my peers prior to being promoted.

Regularly, as peers, we’d go out for drinks, happy hours and game nights. I’m trying to establish myself as the new leader of this HR team, but often find myself getting pushback, not taken seriously or even being ignored in some cases.

I would love to maintain our relationships, as we share lots of similar interests outside of work. But is this even possible? This is my first time managing people. 

I have no idea how to approach this.


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16 HR Jobs in 25 Years — 50 Golden Lessons, Both Painful & Inspiring.

by Alan Collins

I thought I’d take the opportunity here to share 50 GOLDEN LESSONS I’ve learned from 25 years in the HR trenches.  About two lessons per year.

These are truths I’ve gained from lots of personal screw-ups, some successes, three companies, 16 HR jobs and other HR professionals that I’ve worked with who either guide me or inspire me.

Yes, some of these you may have seen already, because I share them often.

BUT…hopefully, there are a few new items here you might find helpful in managing your own career in HR — without going through all the pain and agony. 

While they are in no particular order, I try never to ignore #50.


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How To Rock as a Panelist at HR Seminars, Conferences & Workshops

By Alan Collins

“You guys rocked!”

That was the feedback an HR VP gave to us as we concluded our panel discussion at a recent HRMAC (Human Resources Management Association of Chicago) event in the Windy City.

It was great to hear this comment and to be selected as one of the panelists along with Rich Floersch, former CHRO at McDonalds and Carolyn Tilden, president of CataQuest Leadership Consulting.

Our topic was managing change as a senior HR leader.   We played off each other well and had an absolute blast!

This experience reminded me of the value that anyone in HR can gain by participating as a panelist at seminars, conferences and workshops.

Being a panelist is underrated, yet it’s one of the best ways of advancing your career.  It can allow you to expand your network and make connections that can later turn into job opportunities or consulting gigs.

In fact, if you’re not comfortable giving solo presentations, then being on a multi-person panel is ideal because you don’t have to be the number one center of attention.

But you benefit just as much.

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Why Networking in HR Doesn’t Work Anymore (And What You Should Do Instead)…

By Alan Collins

Let me make a confession.

Networking is a pain.

And if you’re like me, you’re probably horrible at it.

So, I don’t do it anymore.

But that doesn’t stop me from reaching out to meet new people who can help me advance my career and interests in HR.

Hey, wait a second, you might say….isn’t that networking?

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Why Your Current HR Day Job Should NOT Be Your Only Source of Income…

By Alan Collins

Did you know:

That actors like Angela Jolie, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and George Clooney appear in movies

…AND earn extra income directing their own films, making commercials and from monthly residual checks from their previous shows.

That athletes like LeBron James, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova earn their livelihood playing the sport they love

…AND also profit from endorsing merchandise from energy drinks to beauty products.

That singers like Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Paul McCartney write their own songs

…AND rake in more cash from the royalties earned by their older ones.

None of this is probably new news to you.

But the more important question is what all these celebrities have in common.

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