FREE EBOOK: 22 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement — Get Your Copy Now!

by Alan Collins

Tim Eisenhauer has authored an absolutely fantastic, easy-to-read, 99-page FREE ebook packed with information from some of the best workplaces in America.

And he’s giving it away – with no strings attached.  I’m usually very picky on what I recommend on this blog — but this is a no brainer.

This is a “must add” to your HR library and if you get ONE itty-bitty idea from it, it’s worth every penny of your investment, which is nothing.

As an HR pro, one of the most important roles you can play is to collaborate with your managers and help them enhance the results they get from their people and drive higher levels of employee engagement.

This e-book covers 22 best practices from companies like Google, Zappos and SAS that will instantly help you increase employee engagement in your company and covers topics such as:

And besides all that, it’s fun to read!  So, if you intend to keep up with your competitors, keep your best people, and attract new talent, you must do what it takes to help your employees thrive.

TO GET YOUR COPY:  All you have to do is click HERE, provide your contact information and it’s yours.  I’d do it right now before Tim comes to his senses and slaps a $25 price tag on this.



About the author: Alan Collins is Founder of Success in HR, Inc. and the author of a variety of best selling books for HR professionals including such as UNWRITTEN HR RULES and HR RESUME SECRETS.  He was formerly Vice President – Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses.

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The “A” Factor – The Strategy For Getting Ahead Faster in Your HR Career!

by Alan Collins

Before I tell you what the “A” factor is, let me share the true story of two HR leaders.

Their names: Colleen and Karen.

They are very much alike.

Both currently work for the same company, but in different divisions.

Both are brilliant.

Both have graduate degrees in HR.  Both have SPHR certifications.  And both have roughly equivalent HR, leadership and business skills (at least in my view).

However, Colleen has struggled for seven years just to stay employed in HR. Even though she is extremely bright, she has progressed very little, if any, financially and career-wise during those years.  She constantly looks over her shoulder fearing that the ax could fall on her job at any moment.

Karen started in HR six years ago. She’s been promoted three times during this time and her career has grown by leaps and bounds.   She’s now preparing to leave the “comfort” (probably the wrong word, but you know what I mean) of a large corporation to go off on her own as an independent HR consultant.  And, I absolutely have no doubt she’ll be successful.

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8 Ways To Make Employers and Great HR Job Opportunities Come To You..

by Alan Collins

The best organizations and recruiters pride themselves on being seek out and find top HR talent. 

The only problem is they never seem to call when YOU most want to be found.

As an alternative, what about flipping the script?

What about positioning yourself so that the odds in your favor that YOU are the one they call with their next terrific HR opportunity.


Well, here you go — eight ways you can make that happen:

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The Unpleasant, Dark Side of HR That You Absolutely Must Embrace If You Want to Be Successful…

by Alan Collins

Here’s the brutally unpleasant dark side of being an HR professional…

No matter what you do, someone is going to criticize and distrust you — and many will hate you, even if they don’t know your name.

That’s the reality.

It comes with the territory.

And there are lots of reasons why.

First of all, if you’re doing your HR job well, your actions will directly and negatively affect the personal lives, dreams, ambitions and the livelihoods of every single employee in your organization.

That’s a fact.

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Has Your HR Career Has Fallen Off The Fast Track? How To Tell & What To Do About It…

By Alan Collins

Most HR professionals working in corporate America would kill to be on “the list.”

What list?

You know the one.

That coveted list of elite individuals known as “high potentials,” “rising stars,” “fast trackers,” or “key successors.”

Most medium to large organizations maintain this kind of secret list. On it are the chosen ones — those seen as clearly promotable one or two levels beyond their current HR role and identified through Succession Planning or Talent Reviews held every year.

These are the people that will get the first crack at promotions, plumb assignments and are slated to get fast tracked through the organization.

As an HR pro, I’m sure you’re familiar with this process.

But here’s your dilemma…

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2 Simple But Deadly Career Mistakes HR Folks Make on LinkedIn — That Can Be Corrected In Minutes!

By Alan Collins

LinkedIn is the #1 online career advancement tool for HR professionals.  Hands down.  Nothing else even comes close.

Estimates of professional participation in LinkedIn range as high as 83%.  So it’s the place to be.

But if you’re like a few HR folks, you may be making two very simple, but costly mistakes in using it.

Here they are…

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How To Become An Expert In Just About Anything in HR – Fast!

by Alan Collins

Years ago I was passed over for a promotion in HR because I lacked labor relations experience.

While I had some experience, it wasn’t enough.

I was “too light.”

The hiring manager knew it.

And I knew it.

I didn’t get pissed off, because it was true.

And there was no whining.  No drama.  No debate.

But I decided to do something about it.

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Stop Being Mediocre! How To Become Awesome in Human Resources…

by Alan Collins

When you gain a reputation as someone who is awesome in HR, a lot of things become irrelevant.

It won’t matter how much HR experience you have.

It won’t matter what college you went to.

It won’t matter what degree you have.

It won’t matter whether you’re HR certified or not.

No one will give a crap about that stuff.  Instead, they will be spellbound by your awesomeness.

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How To Give Insanely Great HR Presentations…And 37 Things You Should Avoid At All Costs!

by Alan Collins

Public speaking and giving talks in your HR area of expertise is one of the fastest ways for you to promote yourself and advance your HR career.

I was reminded of this when I was recently asked to give a 30 minute talk to a group of 20 senior HR executives in Chicago.

Since I was only given a few days notice, I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare.

So I followed my “simple formula” for giving great 30 minute presentations…

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Worried About Getting Fired? Here’s How To Create Your Own Job Security in HR…

by Alan Collins 

Awhile back, when Marissa Mayer (pictured left) left Google and joined Yahoo as the new CEO, she did something significant. 

Shortly after she took over, the long-time VP of HR, David Windley left the organization by “mutual agreement.”

Following him out the door was his #2 HR exec, Talent Acquisition Leader Grant Bassett.

Why did the CEO make these moves?

Because she could.

That’s what you do when you’re the new leader and the stock price is in the toilet.

And your biggest competitor (Google) is kicking your butt.

And everyone says your culture is all screwed up.

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