Lying On Your Resume: 3 HR People Who Did It, Got Caught & How To Avoid Their Fate

by Alan Collins

Clearly, most HR pros see lots of resumes and are more familiar than most with the hiring process.

So one might think they would be the least likely to lie on their resumes.

However, that may not be so.

Based on discussions I’ve had with hiring authorities in a variety of organizations, HR folks are no different than those in any other profession.

They spin, misrepresent facts and lie on their resumes too.

I’m not surprised.

Personally, in my career, I’ve encountered an uncomfortable number of HR folks who fibbed on their resumes. However, three specific individuals stand out in my mind because: (a) they got caught and (b) I was personally involved as part of the decision made by the recruiting committee.

Here are those cases (with the names disguised to protect the guilty):

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HR Professionals: How to Take Your Weaknesses & Capitalize On Them…

By Alan Collins

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have every skill you need for a successful HR career? 

Then again, in an ideal world, it would be great to have fantastic hair, zero body fat and a winning lottery ticket in your pocket.

Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world.  We all have to face the fact that we’re good at some things.  Just adequate at others.  And horrible at some that are really important.

For example, if you’re an HR generalist, it can be frustrating not to be brilliant in areas like: talent acquisition, total rewards, OD, labor relations and every single one of the 5000 other essential HR competencies.

You probably also would love to be able to constantly dazzle your clients with your brilliance, know the business as well as your CEO and be the nationally-recognized inspirational leader that everyone in your organization envies.

Well, guess what?  Chances are you’re not.  And I’m certainly not.  We both have areas we need (and want) to improve.  Just like every single one of the other 2 million HR folks on the planet.

So what do we do?  Typically, we toil for years working on and chipping away at our weaknesses until we have them under control.  Or we learn to live with them.

And for most HR folks, that’s fine and dandy.

But today, I want to offer you another, even better choice.   

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HR Professionals: How You Can Survive Being Merged or Acquired By Another Company…

by Alan Collins

When Google bought Motorola, it laid off 11,000 people.

When Fedex bought Kinkos, it got rid of 9,500 people.

After AOL bought the Huffington Post, 900 people got pink slipped.

When Microsoft bought Nokia, it put 18,000 people on the street.

And many of those let go were HR professionals, just like YOU.

But what’s even worse is that these are just a few examples!

Large companies acquire smaller ones hundreds of times globally every year.  And chances are if you haven’t been involved in one of these situations yet as an HR pro, you soon will be.

With the volatile nature of the public stock market, companies are buying each other left and right like cheap antiques at an estate sale.  And when they do, corporate bloodletting happens and lots of unemployed bodies hit the street — especially those in HR.

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The HR Resume I’ve Never Forgotten. Neither Will You.

by Alan Collins

I was recruiting at Purdue University, my alma mater.

This was ten years ago.

I’m on the last candidate of the day and I’m anxious to get the heck home.

His résumé is “very light” — no extra-curricular activities, no sports, no nothing. 

Essentially it says: Purdue, 3.2 GPA, Masters in Human Resources Management.

His work experience: Elliot’s Fine Dining, references on request.

After interviewing all day I’m exhausted.  I’ve seen all these top candidates come in strutting their stuff like peacocks. They’ve got 3.9 GPAs, extensive summer HR intern experiences and some have even studied abroad.

Impressive group.

And now, here comes this guy.

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Three Global Leaders Share 22 Minutes of Sheer HR Brilliance…

by Alan Collins

While scrambling to finish up a project for a client, I stumbled across the three awesome videos on YouTube — that every HR pro should watch.

I’ve posted them below.

It’ll take you just 22 minutes to view all three.

But the insights you’ll learn about HR’s role and what we bring to the table…are simply BRILLIANT!  

So go grab your favorite beverage and check them out.

If you’re busy right now, bookmark this page and come back when you have time.  But DO watch them.  Even if you’ve seen these before, view them again. Or share them with your HR colleagues. Or your boss.  Or pick out a couple to spice up your next HR meeting.

In any event, check them out below and ENJOY!

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Here’s How To Help Your Boss & Sabotage Your HR Career — In 5 Seconds or Less!

By Alan Collins

A great way to build a terrific relationship with your boss is to help and support him.

That’s no secret.

Bail him out of jams.

Be his advocate.

Defend him to others.

However, sometimes your boss REALLY doesn’t want your stinking help.  

Even if he tells you beforehand that he does! 

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An Insanely Powerful Way To Distinguish Yourself in HR…

by Alan Collins

Microwave ovens.
Fast food joints.
Amazon overnight delivery.
Buying tickets online.
Mobile phones.

What do these six things have in common?

If you think about it, it’s obvious.

They’re all SHORTCUTS.

They help us get what we want faster, better or cheaper.

We love shortcuts like these because we’re super-busy HR pros and we don’t have the time to deal with all the crap that comes at us every day.

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